By rutryingtoreadthis
Written July 30, 2009
When is the last time Sandler was funny? That's right, it's been a long time. And, for some reason, he comes off as really annoying now and when I was watching this preview I couldn't help but to look down at my popcorn and think to myself, "...this definitely needs more butter...", and so, I got up to get more butter and some candy while hoping to get back to my seat in time to watch the next preview.
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Kinda Funny People

By pornoflicks
Written July 31, 2009
I saw this movie @ a special screening, (sigh) Well, it was kinda funny, Jonah Hill Plays a really fat guy no like a really BIG FAT GUY triple chins and all.he wasn't funny @ all. Seth, Was good. Adam, it looks like he is losing his comedy juice, Jason, his acting was like well it reminded me of this one time i broke in to my neighbors house and got really wasted and took a poopers on the kitchen floor and i got my neighbors golf club and hit it and it smashed against the wall and for an hour straight i saw the poop just slide down from the wall down to the floor....Jonah Hill is fat seriousely, he makes a fair amount of money to able to lose that fat. look at Seth, lost the weight in no time he looks pretty good, but i wouldn't have sex with him because i'm a guy i don't do dudes. I would really wait for it on DVD, Jonah Hill ....FATTTY FAT FAT!!!!!
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“FUNNY PEOPLE” – “Let the Awkwardness begin!” = Rating: 8.5 of 10 stars (based on an advance preview).

By jimchudnow
Written July 14, 2009
The “awkwardness” phrase is a line from the film that describes what’s about to happen in the life of standup comedian George Simmons (ADAM SANDLER). When he learns he’s developed a usually-fatal illness, his onstage cheerfulness starts becoming very “dark”-- as commented on by hopeful comedian Ira (SETH ROGEN), who’s living a difficult life rooming with 2 friends. At a club, Adam hears a routine by Seth & invites him to WRITE for him & become his personal assistant at his home (which Seth does). As he gets sicker, Adam gets in contact with ex-girlfriend Laura (LESLIE MANN) & tries to re-ignite a relationship with her tho she’s married with 2 kids. There are numerous scenes of writing and performing stand-up, with a bunch of FUNNY elements (usually R-rated & frequently concerning the male anatomy). I found this mainly a DRAMA about the “business” of making a show of Comedy. I felt this was a FASCINATING & well-done commentary about living, with the BEST work I’ve seen by Adam & Seth.
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Funny People is not a comedy

By Rockie_12
Written August 01, 2009
Once I realized that Funny People is a Drama with some funny parts, not a comedy with a little drama, I was able to relax into the movie. If you are expecting Super Bad or even Knocked Up, you ain't gonna get it. That is not to say that I didn't love this movie. Adam Sandler, Leslie Mann, and Seth Rogen were fantastic, really fantastic. It was great to see them in serious roles - and to see them do really well in those roles. I loved all of the cameos. This is sad movie, and it makes you think. Some people will hate this movie, others will call it their favorite. I don't predict there will be many who are neutral. If you have ever felt old, and like you have made some poor choices, you will see yourself in this movie. This is also a movie that will appeal to the 35 plus crowd, more than the younger Super Bad crowd.
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what a waste...

By Frankenstein's Monster
Written July 17, 2009
i can't stand Adam Sandler. not one of his movies have been close to funny, or actually decent enough to be called an "okay movie". i highly doubt this will be any different than the other garbage. i wouldn't go see this movie even if it was free. again, what a waste.
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