By nelly7
Written August 11, 2009
An absolute must go. You'll see a side of Sandler that hasn't been seen before, yet the entire movie is funny. Granted there is foul language, but in a movie with Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler, Jonah Hill, and Leslie Mann with a director like Apatow, it is expected! So for all you who complain about the foul language in the movie, you should have expected it.
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By riloeisley
Written August 13, 2009
Vulgar, Sexual, HILARIOUS! 9.9/10! RECOMMENDED to anyone who WANTS to see a sexually explicit and vulgar movie that is very, very funny but with a great plot.
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Judge the movie, not the actor

By mikeyo21
Written August 01, 2009
I read these reviews and have only noticed people speaking about how fat someone is, or how they hate a certain actor and don't find them funny. Here is a great idea for all you intellectuals ... Don't spend your money on the movie, don't watch it, and don't comment on a movie you haven't seen yet. For the rest of the world with a head on our shoulders and a thought process that works, hope everyone enjoys the movies they are soon to watch in their future, whether it be this one or another.
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funny people

By jennytron
Written August 16, 2009
the movie was lengthy, but it wasn't slow in any parts. it was funny and had good character development. the cameos were great as well. there is a lot of sexual jokes so i wouldn't take your kids.
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Better than expected!

By Richjr1981
Written August 17, 2009
For those hoping to see a "typical" Adam Sandler movie, you may be disappointed. There are definite shades of classic Sandler throughout but it's not a slapstick silly movie of old. The name of the movie, Funny People, is very accurate. I think the confusion lies in the title and misleads you to believe that this will be a funny movie about people, but in actuality, it's a movie about funny people. I would definitely see it again and will buy the DVD as soon as it is released and would recommend you do the same. Well worth the price of admission (twice!)
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