By kmblmaw
Written August 10, 2009
I did not research or read any reviews of the movie so I had no idea that it would not be just another goofball comedy. I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed it very much even though it was very long.
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better then people are making it out to be

By mr_roboto
Written August 16, 2009
I enjoyed this movie from beginning to end. Yes its a little long but its necessary for the story development. I personally like to be engulfed in a story that last longer then the usual 130 minute mark. Its true that there are not as many laughs as say 40 year old virgin, But when its funny its very funny. Plus this is a very different movie from Apatows past projects. Moving more towards a comedy- drama then just straight up comedy. People who like mindless eye candy movies will never like this. Actually most people probably wont like it because you actually have to watch it and feel something. And this movie covers the whole spectrum of emotion. I guess that's where the problem comes in. I'm not sure if the target audience is ready for that yet. But if that's what you want out of a movie then go see this!!! ...oh plus the ending is $#@* great! exactly how i always want these types of movies end. like they do in real life! not like they do in Hollyworld
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Funny peole not so funny.

By chastity00
Written August 07, 2009
I am a big fan of Adam Sandler but I just didn’t love this movie. I got bored. The funniest parts of this movie are in the trailers. Wait for it to come on dvd.
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you must be simple

By eyetatu
Written August 01, 2009
If you saw the trailer for this film, and thought it was another Superbad, you must be a little simple-minded. It was obviously much more, and delivered much more. Yes, it was a little long, and slow, at times. But, It gave as good as it promised. Very good performances by all. A decent, and touching story. And a decent amount of laughs. You had to think a little more about some of the jokes,than you did when it came to films like Superbad, and Knocked up. Sorry Dimwits, you tricked yourselves. Smart, and real funny people, got just what was expected.
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Real , smart and often LOL funny! Best Eminem cameo ever!

By EdwardNichols
Written August 21, 2009
I nearly didn't go see this film after having read some of the critical reviews on this site. Luckily my confidence in Apatow, Sandler and Rogen was not misplaced. I found Funny People to be a very humorous, on-the-mark, yet subtle story of a narcissistic entertainer who is forced to come to terms with himself and the decisions he made en route to becoming a success. I enjoyed Sandler more in this film than in any of his others to date, and I thought he delivered a fully-believeable performance. Rogen was typcally likeable, if not more annoyingly bumbling than usual. Mann was thoroughly loveable as usual, as were her/Apatow's beautiful daughters. Some truly endearing cameo performances sprinkled throughout as well (kudos to Marshall Mather for a humorously self-deprecating restaurant scene). I agree with others that the length became obvious, but I'm at a loss to suggest where it could have been cut b/c I enjoyed the time spent with the characters and side-stories.
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