By sunnyboy55
Written August 02, 2009
Anyone who does not understand Judd Apatow's comedy will obviously complain about how this movie was terrible. This movie is a movie with a unique plot and great acting by both Sandler and Rogen. Yes the movie was a bit too long but that didnt stop it from being histerical. Obviously if people do not know how Apatow makes movies going into this film, they will come out and whine. If anyone has seen the 40 year old virgin and knocked up they u should know going into this movie that there will be crude humor and politically incorrect jokes. For any hardcore sandler fans out there like me, its definitely a must see.
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pretty entertaining

By setyon
Written August 13, 2009
This was a very entertaining movie with several good laughs, typical Sandler below the belt stuff. I enjoyed it most of the way through, but, as many have said, about 20 minutes too long. Some really funny cameos. It wasn't a typical movie with a lot of weird moments, but overall enjoyable.
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Not as Good as it Should Be

By dbiehle
Written August 06, 2009
Great director/writer and cast, but the end result is not as funny or interesting as it should be. The first half of the movie is hilarious. Watching Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen's relationship develop proves to be a lot of fun. But about halfway through the movie, the story switches to one about Sandler and Leslie Mann which turns out to be a lot less interesting, despite the best efforts of Eric Bana. The first plot was so good, why add a second one? Jonah Hill and Jason Schwartzman are very funny in the movie and could have been used much more.
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By ucla_bru1n
Written August 07, 2009
that was a terrible movie. i made this account just to right a review on how bad that was. no point not that funny dumb
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horrible movie.

By ihatemovies1987
Written August 02, 2009
the movie just dragged on and on. it just plained sucked. within the first 30min i was hoping it was almost over. do not waste over 2 hours of your precious life like i did. horrible mistake.
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