Funny people......

By imndance
Written August 08, 2009
Waste of 2 and 1/2 hours of you life and waste of your money! So boring! There were about 25 people in the theater, by the end there was about 10. At least 4+ couples walked out. I am one of the people who didnt walk out like all the others did, because I had other people with me. Of course this is my opinion on "Funny People". I guess it depends on what kind of movie you like....but not one of the people I went to the movies with walked out the door saying "That was an awesome movie!" Slow start and boring, could not wait till it ended. Most Adam Sandler movies are good, this one could have done better.
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Don't waste your time

By mdawg26
Written October 30, 2011
This movie has a lot of potential. It has big name actors, including Adam Sandler, who can hold their own in most movies. However, this movie is a waste of time and money. I feel like the story line was dragged out and slow paced. There were no big laughs. Only a couple of chuckles here and there but they are forgettable. In the end, I feel like Sandler's character learned nothing from his illness and still treated people like crap. I am glad that I did not see this in theaters and got it through netflix. That way I didn't waste hard earned money on a movie theater ticket. Do yourself a favor and watch another movie.
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Not Really a Comedy

By lnbee
Written August 15, 2009
This is a good movie with lots of food for thought and good performances. It's not a comedy, and it's a shame that the people who created the trailer emphasize the few funny lines. It causes the wrong expectations and will disappoint a lot of people. It was unecessarily long, also. But I'm glad I saw it.
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By themd
Written August 11, 2009
this movie is the worst crap i've ever seen "funny people" play in. what a load of trash. i really can't find the humor in excessive ***** referrences. This would even be boring to the immature targetted mid-puberty audience this type of movie would target. Terrible plot, Terrible jokes, and ok acting makes for a mistake by one of my favorite funny people, Seth Rogan. This is definitely a halt in his rising career; being hooked up w Sandler in his falling career. I'm a fan of the entire cast but honestly i want my money back. I havent walked out on a movie since Son of the Mask (which i snuck in, while waiting for the actual movie i paid for to start), but to make me break my streak this is a piss poor performance. YOU PUNKS OWE ME $8.50 + POPCORN&DRINK COMBO [THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY TWO HOURS WAISTED]
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Stick to the humor

By rockchica
Written August 08, 2009
Dear Mr. Apatow, please don't quit your day job. Leave the drama and or romatic comedy (couldn't really tell what you were going for) to Rob Reiner, Nora Ephron and Ron Howard. Now let me say I absolutely LOVED your other movies. LOVED THEM!!!! And went on blind faith to see another great movie. I waited and waited and waited for the pee in my pants funny parts. NADA. Sure there were a few chuckles but not worth the time. One of the best lines from the trailer wasn't even in the movie (Harry Potter bit.) I would have rather been outside in the 100 degree heat if I had known that this movie has no momentum, no laughter and what seemed like no ending in sight. I actually felt bad for the actors that agreed to do the movie. Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan and his twin geez, sorry you had to go through that. I won't hold it against you. So please Mr. Apatow go back to the gut busting humor that you excel at and no more serious movies, please. I beg you. ( Note to self, check Fandango ratings.)
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