Better than expected!

By Richjr1981
Written August 17, 2009
For those hoping to see a "typical" Adam Sandler movie, you may be disappointed. There are definite shades of classic Sandler throughout but it's not a slapstick silly movie of old. The name of the movie, Funny People, is very accurate. I think the confusion lies in the title and misleads you to believe that this will be a funny movie about people, but in actuality, it's a movie about funny people. I would definitely see it again and will buy the DVD as soon as it is released and would recommend you do the same. Well worth the price of admission (twice!)
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Funny People

By RandiPatrick
Written August 01, 2009
I liked the movie in that it wasn't a slapstick kid of movie. At times there were lulls, and I think there was a little too much "sexual" jokes/inferences for my taste. I didn't realize that it was rated R. But overall Adam Sandler, along with the other actors did a good job. One thing that threw the movie off was havng Ada's love interest's husband come hom. I didn't like his lines at all. I do love him as an actor, but is lines. Ugh!
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Recipe for Greatness?

By peachyevey
Written August 18, 2009
Not really. You have Adam Sandler, one of the top comedians of his generation, playing off of Seth Rogen, a popular up-and-coming almost there comedian, with Jonah Hill, Leslie Man, and (of all people) Eric Bana supporting. The trailers presented it as a "drama-dey" which Adam Sandler has proved he can pull off quite well. Okay, good things first. The first 2/3 were great. Adam clearly out-plays everyone in this film. Seth is passable, though I've never really been a fan of his. I actually enjoyed Eric Bana for a change. The story is actually fairly compelling. It's slightly confusing (this coming from someone who was able to keep up with The Fountain), but interesting...until the girl comes in the picture. Alright, I love romantic comedies. This wasn't one of those. they tried to play it as such, but Judd Apatow missed the mark. This film is about 2 men with their own issues helping the each other without realizing it. The romance was unnecessary. P.S. No kids!
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it was long!!

By buckeyebymarriage
Written August 07, 2009
the begining was good the middle and towards the end was really drug out and I was losing intrest because it was so long.
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Funny People

By Rich S
Written August 15, 2009
This total loss of a movie was neither funny nor about any real people. If there was a funny line in the screen play, which were read by the actors as if they were in a high school play, it was muffed in delivery. The teenies/20 somethings in the audience in which I sat tittered a little at the bathroom humor but othrewise even they didn't laugh at this trash. Sandler, a kinda personna rather than a superior acting talent, tried to provide counterpoint to the pointless and lame "comedy" but succeeded only in augmenting the angst and showing the lesser actors up to be amateurs. Apparently the lesson is that standup comics are poor actors even when acting as themselves. This movie, obviously aimed at the group of young folks who were unfortunately raised to believe that life is a joke, may actually work to demonstrate how silly such attitudes look and how poorly they cope life. Watching this movie was a lot like watching network Television.
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