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A famous comic has a near death experience and yearns for a genuine friendship.
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By rutryingtoreadthis
When is the last time Sandler was funny? That's right, it's been a long time. And, for some reason, he comes off as really annoying now and when I was watching this preview I couldn't help but to...

Kinda Funny People

By pornoflicks
I saw this movie @ a special screening, (sigh) Well, it was kinda funny, Jonah Hill Plays a really fat guy no like a really BIG FAT GUY triple chins and all.he wasn't funny @ all. Seth, Was good....

“FUNNY PEOPLE” – “Let the Awkwardness begin!” = Rating: 8.5 of 10 stars (based on an advance preview).

By jimchudnow
The “awkwardness” phrase is a line from the film that describes what’s about to happen in the life of standup comedian George Simmons (ADAM SANDLER). When he learns he’s developed a usually-fatal...

Funny People is not a comedy

By Rockie_12
Once I realized that Funny People is a Drama with some funny parts, not a comedy with a little drama, I was able to relax into the movie. If you are expecting Super Bad or even Knocked Up, you ain't...

what a waste...

By Frankenstein's Monster
i can't stand Adam Sandler. not one of his movies have been close to funny, or actually decent enough to be called an "okay movie". i highly doubt this will be any different than the other...

I liked it except for Sandler

By lesodeana
This was a good movie. Though, there are parts that are not so much funny and are rather serious and you are forced to sit through some dramatic moments that you wouldn't expect in a movie that is...

Funny People

By David69669
This should be an excellent mix of Adam Sandler humor and Seth Rogan humor. Will be more than enough for any comedy junkie....

Wasn't good and waste of money

By jd24
I don't get why people thought this movie was funny. First there was to many **** jokes and over use of the f bombs which got old after while. The movie dragged on but it got decent towards the end....

Funny People Review

By goducksrjg
I have been a huge fan of Judd Apatow for years. From Freaks and Geeks to Undeclared. From The 40 Year Old Virgin to Knocked Up. I think that this film is him best work to date. I loved the...


By moviesnbumblebee
adam sandler is hilarious!!!! gonnna see it!!!!!!!!!! for all ya so-so people: im gonna see it and have an awesome time while ur sitting on ur couch thinking,"I shouldve saw Funny People!"...

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Rated R | For Language, Crude Sexual Humor and Some Sexuality
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