Full Metal Jacket Synopsis
A Marine and his companions endure basic training under a sadistic drill sergeant.
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By maddog0652

new fav

By coowboys
1. Pulp Fiction 2. Fight Club 3. Boondock Saints 4. Donnie Darko 5. Full Metal Jacket 6. Gladiator 7. Lord of the RIngs 8 Snatch 9. Lock Stock and two smokin barrels 10. Revolver 11....

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Great Marine Corps movie OORAAH!!!!!!...

Great Movie

By cfalco15

The Horror and the Insanity of War

By hborbe
"Full Metal Jacket" is a very powerful and memorable portrayal of the horror and the insanity of war. In the film, a Marine writes the words "BORN TO KILL" on his helmet. However, people are not...

By chris22
Great movie best war movie since saving Private Ryan & platoon...

Hands down greatest film about Viet Nam

By Brereton23

Full Metal Jacket

By TheyLive84
Without me, my riffle is useless. I'm useless without my riffle....

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By nmasharova
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Poorly executed war drama that try's to be too many things at once.

By Dominic LeRose
The soldiers who served in the Vietnam war first had two traumatic experiences to face: Getting past the excruciating boot camps and not dying in battlefield. Legendary director Stanley Kubrick makes...

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Rated R | For Medium Level Violence
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Extremely graphic, violent Vietnam War film.
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