By Peace2U2
Written November 08, 2008
You'll laugh, cry, cheer... but most importantly - you'll start organizing for change straight away. FUEL informs. inspires and motivates people of all ages to be the world we want to see. Congrats Josh Tickell!! You did it! Obama needs you - but more importantly, the world needs you. All the best. PS: Tickell, your blog and ways we can change the US and the world to green and peaceful at *** is great. Every school needs to see this film and become involved with its education program.
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Oregon and Washington

By jamesburke
Written December 14, 2008
I heard from someone the other day that this movie is only being shown in Oregon and Washington to determine it's release. This is an important movie to see for anyone who needs to fully comprehend the magnitude of the impending disaster they will see in their lifetime without immediate intervention. Until "an inconveinient truth" arrived, most people didn't seem to care about our crisis. I now realize that it was a lack of scientific knowledge among us in which the real issue resides. Movies are an incredibly effective means of educating the general public who only learn when they are entertained. If we really want to change the outcome, this movie would be best shown for free. What an investment :)
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By lisaxl
Written December 11, 2008
This is a must see movie for all! My 11 year old daughter thought this was the best film she's ever seen. I actually felt uplifted and hopeful when leaving the theater. Josh does a wonderful job opening our eyes showing simple solutions to our dependance on petroleum oil. Do the earth a favor a watch this movie.
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By ginacasati
Written December 05, 2008
great movie! go see it.
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FUEL... a must-see film

By Kachlein
Written December 08, 2008
This is one of the most inspirational ,as well as informative films, done on issues of our culture and society. It covers all the essential topics of what ills society these days and, with the current auto industries requests for a bailout, more poignant and timely than ever. The old saying, it only takes one person to make a change in the world, rings true in this film as you chronologically follow this young and brilliant director through his own pursuits of living with a lighter footprint on this planet. What becomes one solo man's journey, is ultimately our own journey if we wish to maintain the level of our conveniences and comforts in our everyday living, which we are so fortunate to be blessed with in this country. The ultimate message behind this film is HOPE, along with the biggest jewel of this film, the ANSWERS. Please gather your friends, family, children and see this film. The direction we take from here, is up to us.
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