Fuel Synopsis
FUEL explores alternative energies such as solar, wind, electricity and non-food-based biofuels.
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By Peace2U2
You'll laugh, cry, cheer... but most importantly - you'll start organizing for change straight away. FUEL informs. inspires and motivates people of all ages to be the world we want to see. Congrats...

Oregon and Washington

By jamesburke
I heard from someone the other day that this movie is only being shown in Oregon and Washington to determine it's release. This is an important movie to see for anyone who needs to fully comprehend...


By lisaxl
This is a must see movie for all! My 11 year old daughter thought this was the best film she's ever seen. I actually felt uplifted and hopeful when leaving the theater. Josh does a wonderful job...


By ginacasati
great movie! go see it....

for the next generation

By fishtank9
This is a must see for our times, especially now that Obama is in office and we are seeking change. Great cinematography, Sheryl Crow's "Gasoline" is catchy, and the movie will serve to find more...

FUEL... a must-see film

By Kachlein
This is one of the most inspirational ,as well as informative films, done on issues of our culture and society. It covers all the essential topics of what ills society these days and, with the...


By Scubaseth
Great movie, Does a fantastic job in visualizing the unknown cost of our choice of petroleum. In addition to communicating clearly the movie provides choices we can make now and pathways we can...


By AnnK
This movie is a must see for anyone interested in solutions to global warming. No matter how well educated you are on this topic, I think you will learn something new. It deftly draws the historical...


By Charli3sawIT
Even if you do not agree with anything in the movie, this is a must see educational watch....


By praaattattatt
Eye opening, informative and captivating. If everyone saw this movie, things would change in our world very quickly. A must go!...