saw this on the day of Trayvon's verdict - remarkable film

By jgillson
Written May 24, 2017
This is an amazing, heartbreaking film. All of the actors are remarkable. It resonated in a particularly tragic way for me, having seen it on the same day as the Trayvon Martin verdict. This film vividly illuminates the deep rooted injustice that exists against young black men in this country. See it!
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Must see. Powerful, intense, timely.

By reviewbeatz
Written March 29, 2017
The film opens with the actual video footage of the tragic events that ended with the death of Oscar Grant at Fruitvale Station. The movie rewinds to bring you the every day life of the characters and unfolds to lead the viewer right up to the climactic events that will hit you with a one-two punch. I found it truly stunning to be taken through these events almost as if a bystander. It is intense, emotional, and there was not a dry eye in the house. This film is timely especially given the recent zimmerman-Trayvon Martin trial verdict. For all those that do not understand why so many believe justice was not done in that case, will be enlightened by "Fruitvale Station". Exceptional performances by the cast especially by Michael Jordon as lead Oscar Grant, Octavia Spencer as his mother. A must see for everyone.
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Skip the action movie, see a movie with more substance this time around!

By canumvenaticorum
Written August 25, 2016
I felt like I was experiencing the life of Oscar Grant through his eyes and the eyes of the people that came into contact with him during his last day; the random strangers, his mother, his girlfriend, his daughter, his family and friends. It was moving, it humanized Oscar and made him relatable. Oscar's tragic end is all the more heartbreaking when you truly understand, he could've been you or someone you love... going about your NYE, and in one moment...everything that matters is taken away from you and you are taken away from the people that love you. I was very impressed with Michael B. Jordon's performance as well as his supporting cast! I am glad this movie was made and that Ryan Coogler quite obviously put his whole heart into directing this film. I highly recommend that anyone with even the slightest interest go see this movie!
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Fruitvale Station

By thomasbender
Written May 24, 2017
This power film is visually and humanly compelling The acting and directing are outstanding. The characterization of the leading character is beautifully played, and the supporting actors are all very good. It is powerful--and unfortunately, a film for the moment.
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Brilliantly Done!

By wiseone
Written July 22, 2013
The movie was sobering, and amazingly true to the essence of what can take place within the life of an individual... it humanized him despite how the criminal justice system attempted to portray him. I was moved spiritually, and sympathized presently with his family. I hope that Michael B. Jordan wins an Oscar for this! The young brother was superb in bringing Oscar Grant to life. A must see!
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