Awesome movie. A must see

By whmoralee
Written February 02, 2014
I have seen this movie about six times from the day it came out and will see it again. It's the best Disney movie since my favorite Mulan. I enjoyed the sing along just as much.
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Disney does it agaiin

By paul_box
Written February 09, 2014
Disney knows how to make a princess movie by now. Frozen does not disappoint. I hope they continue the sing along trend, because you just can't forget belting out "Let It Go" with an entire auditorium.
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If your kids loved the regular movie and sing the songs, you must do this!!

By 96johnhawley
Written February 09, 2014
Everybody in the theater sings!! I your child loves this movie already and is singing the songs at home or in the car, why not go to this?! They will love it and you can encourage them to sing as loud as they want!
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Go see Frozen!

By kiarasjames
Written February 01, 2014
I am a definite Disney movie lover and I must say this is one of the best princess movies ever. The message it sends is something all little girls should know. Sisters before Misters and you don't need a man to provide you with love and happiness. I adore this movie as does my 4 year old. The songs are wonderful, the characters are wonderful. It is just an all around wonderful movie.
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By azulita
Written February 03, 2014
So it helps if you go along with a seven year old and her father who both know all the words to all the songs (even the ones not in the movie, apparently) and who charm you completely while they sing all the duets together (in harmony, even). Meanwhile, the movie is solidly charming and I love what they DON'T do with the tropes. Disney, for once, you got this one right on so many levels. Keep up the good work.
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