Best movie ever!

By jazar0403921
Written January 11, 2017
I just love this movie, and can't wait to see the sing-a-long. A must see for all ages. The animations are spectacular, and the songs and characters are phenomenal. I love Olaf and "In Summer"
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By bons27
Written January 11, 2017
This movie is the best! The songs are addicting and my daughter constantly sings them all 24/7. She wore her princess dress and sang throughout the whole movie. She enjoyed the sing along. Great idea and super cute!
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Heartwarming for Frozen Fans and their moms!

By cljohler
Written January 11, 2017
It was great to see the movie and hear the music again, but even better to hear little voices around you singing their hearts out! As a mom, it gave me great joy to see them take such pleasure in participating and enjoying the songs they've been singing constantly.
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A fun way to experience a wonderful movie

By shirleymarquez21
Written January 11, 2017
First, Frozen is amazing - the best animated film from Disney in a long time. The sing-a-long idea is fun. When I went to see it there wasn't a lot of singing because it was a lightly attended matinee, but I've heard reports from people who saw it at other times when there was more audience action. I'd like to see Disney incorporate a sing-a-long option in video releases. Wouldn't be hard to do; all you would need is an alternate closed caption track that only captions the songs and not the dialog.
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Lots of fun for kids and adults!

By daymondhill
Written January 11, 2017
It was great to hear the kids signing at the top of their voices during the movie. I wouldn't recommend this version for the first time you see the film. As the in theatre signing can be distracting from the score. However, it was lots of fun for me and my kids.
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