Frozen Sing-Along Synopsis
A princess and a mountaineer must free their kingdom from eternal winter. With onscreen lyrics.

Movie Reviews

Let It Go

By warehouse_agent
Disney certainly knows how to entertain the little girl in me! I loved the sing-a-long version of this. The movie itself is amazing and to add that little bit of fun was awesome. I took my 6 y/o...

The Heroine is a FEMALE

By Movie-Mom7
The message of the movie is true love can wam the heart, and it does not need to be sealed with a kiss from a prince. The ABSOLUTE Best part is the smile on my daughter's face and her sitting at the...


By Sherrysh
Love the movie. Second time for me . I took my granddaughter both times. Not as many people at 6:45 showing as I had hoped, so not as much singing. Frozen is a wonderful, beautiful movie with a...


By caragloden
This is our third time seeing this movie and our first sing a long! Our daughter loved it and we loved watching her. It was adorable hearing all those little voices know all the words to these super...

This has to be the best animated Disney has made in a while.

By frank91998
The movie by itself is AMAZING. Probably my favorite film of 2013-14, the singalong version is just as spectacular. What I suggest is that you see the normal version first then see the singalong...

Best movie ever!

By jazar0403921
I just love this movie, and can't wait to see the sing-a-long. A must see for all ages. The animations are spectacular, and the songs and characters are phenomenal. I love Olaf and "In Summer"...


By bons27
This movie is the best! The songs are addicting and my daughter constantly sings them all 24/7. She wore her princess dress and sang throughout the whole movie. She enjoyed the sing along. Great...

A fun way to experience a wonderful movie

By shirleymarquez21
First, Frozen is amazing - the best animated film from Disney in a long time. The sing-a-long idea is fun. When I went to see it there wasn't a lot of singing because it was a lightly attended...

Heartwarming for Frozen Fans and their moms!

By cljohler
It was great to see the movie and hear the music again, but even better to hear little voices around you singing their hearts out! As a mom, it gave me great joy to see them take such pleasure in...

Lots of fun for kids and adults!

By daymondhill
It was great to hear the kids signing at the top of their voices during the movie. I wouldn't recommend this version for the first time you see the film. As the in theatre signing can be...

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Rated PG | For Some action and mild rude humor