Excellent Movie!!

By kmwatchorn
Written September 16, 2014
My Fiance and I love animated movies, esp in 3D!!! This is one of the best animated movies that we have seen in a long time! Great story.... and very cute!!
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Visually stunning. Great story as well.

By crashcartjockey
Written December 21, 2013
I wasn't really thrilled with going to see this movie. It really didn't seem like something I would enjoy and since I saw Avatar, I haven't ever been really impressed with movies in 3-D. From the opening cartoon short my opinion of 3-D was changed. This film is the first time that I felt like the 3-D was actually 3 dimensional. Disney has a well written story with incredible visuals and amazing 3-D filming.
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Very nice family film

By dws1010
Written November 30, 2013
Animation was GREAT! Some VERY funny parts in the film. Music was very nice. I highly recommend it. I took my 12 year old grandson and my 9 year old granddaughter and they loved it!
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Disney'sFrozen 3D AWESOME

By tcrow
Written December 30, 2013
This movie was absolutely wonderful! My 6 year old daughter wanted to see it, but my 10 year old son thought it was too girly, well he LOVED the movie as well! It was similar in story line, to Tangled, but the end was a nice twist to the typical "true love!" It was funny and actually bought a tear to our eyes at the end. The characters were very entertaining and is a great, great family movie for ALL ages! Disney hit the jackpot with this movie and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD! It will be part of our family Disney DVD collection for sure!
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By moiviechicks
Written October 22, 2014
The movie was absolutely fabulous! I took my 10 year old and she loved it. I was in awe, totally captivated with the story line, the musical, special effects and the custumes. A Job well done
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