By bruce9969
Written February 16, 2014
Cute. Heart warming. Several lessons buried in the plot. For kids of all ages, even the young ones!
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What's NOT to love about FROZEN???

By maggieskindercorner
Written December 13, 2013
If you have been to a 3D movie that you were less than impressed with, this movie will knock your socks off! Snow and ice elements in the film are breathtaking, the music is memorable, and it moves along at a perfect pace! I found nothing wrong with this movie. It is guaranteed to be a classic!
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By Yaimy07
Written August 25, 2016
The Story line in this film is outstanding. I went on Christmas day at 11:30am and to my surprise there where 3 men watching the movie with no kids. That goes to show you how good it is. I went to see the movie with my daughter and we both left extremely content. Everyone must go see this movie.
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Good but...

By schubertsean
Written September 26, 2016
My daughter and wife loved it, while my son and I thought it was okay. It reminded me of classic, big budget musicals from the golden age of movies. Lots of singing and dancing. Not bad if you like that kind of thing, but I'm not partial to musicals. I did like that the big moment in the film was not formulaic, having a unique resolution and not what I expected. I felt the Olaf character was designed to draw boys in but only came off as patronizing and not particularly funny. Worth a watch.
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BEST movie Disney has made in a long time

By tbearies
Written December 16, 2013
My 9 yr old Granddaughter and I enjoyed FROZEN in 3D very much. The storyline was easy to follow. The plot kept us interested the entire movie. The characters were realistic and believable. The scenery and clothing were beautiful...hated for the movie to end. Will definitely purchase the movie when available. Kudos to Disney for a delightful evening with my granddaughter.
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