Disneys BACK!

By hello79
Written November 27, 2013
Disney finally found its roots again with Frozen, Great Music, Humor, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy. All in my big party of 24 that watched it absolutely loved it. My party was mixed of young boys and girls tweens and teens youngest was 3 oldest was 82. all enjoyed it very much, plans are being made already to watch it all over again Friday.
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By philtheyeti
Written November 28, 2013
Oh wow! This is no "kid movie", this is a "family film" through and through. Well created from every angle; for the kind of movie this is, it was incredibly realistic and relatable as far as the characters in the movie were concerned! The music was incredible, and unlike some of Disney's films, it was lacking in any cringe-worthy moments. Even Olaf, who many expected to be an "annoying and obnoxious comic relief character", was incredibly sweet, honest, funny, and likable! Visually speaking, this movie was nothing short of STUNNING. In terms of writing, surely this MUST be one of Disney's best. This is the first time since I was a little girl that I have seen a Disney movie, ESPECIALLY a Disney Princess movie, and been so enchanted or enthralled. Even recent successes for the company, such as Tangled or Brave, pale in comparison. Everything was BRILLIANTLY carried out, and I HIGHLY recommend this movie to anyone of ANY age. Go buy your tickets to this movie right this instant. Really.
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Best Disney Princess Movie Yet

By frickinerin47
Written December 08, 2013
I've seen this movie twice already and I want to see it again. The songs were fun and catchy. Olaf the snowman was great for comic relief. Great for all ages. And the princesses were strong heroes you could look up too. This is my favorite movie yet!
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Delightfully Refreshing 3D fabulous

By JWinBama
Written December 01, 2013
Wonderfully old school Disney! MUST See In 3D ..... Took my sister and her son and they couldn't stop saying how great it was to to leave a movie uplifted. 3D was spectacular!!! Only wish it was in DBox and 3D but 3D is truly fine.
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Frozen will warm the heart

By good_movie57
Written December 17, 2013
This movie was a lot of fun, good story, with some great songs. I still have to say that Tangled is the better movie, but the music in Frozen is already a broadway hit. I rent movies a lot, and save money for a few big blockbusters a year, but you have to see this on the big screen. The effects are great and some are just beautiful. DO NOT WAIT FOR THIS DVD. Enjoy the songs, and get ready to cry with your kids!
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