Must See

By clazaro76
Written December 11, 2008
The movie was very well done. It showed Nixon in a very human light, and there are definitely parallels to the current president. My favorite line was "When the president does it, it is not illegal." I have already recommended it to several friends.
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By LynCon
Written December 10, 2008
This film is a must for any person interested in polotics. Sheen and Langella both have the characters down pat. Their personal and professional dueling brought back memories of the original telecast. With the recent release of Nixon tapes make him even more paranoid than the film shows. I did not remember his chief of staff but Kevin Bacon does a really great job of someone who clearly adored this president.
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“FROST / NIXON" – A reminder we need to hold politicians immediately ACCOUNTABLE

By jimchudnow
Written January 01, 2009
“I let down the American people.” That’s a seminal line spoken in Howard's film which recalls how British entertainer David Frost got just-resigned President RICHARD NIXON to appear in a series of interviews that he offered in syndication. FRANK LANGELLA gives a performance as Nixon that I feel is worthy of an Oscar nomination. MICHAEL SHEEN does a fine job as Frost, ably abetted by strong performances by the other main actors: OLIVER PLATT, SAM ROCKWELL & MATHEW MACFADYEN on Frost’s side, & KEVIN BACON. The fine documentary film “WHY WE FIGHT” shows Nixon was sadly not alone in American Presidents who’ve DECEIVED the public for their own ends and agendas. In this day & age (when Illinois has an arrogant Hot Air Peacock governor who apparently has further tarnished the reputation of promise-shirking politicians), this very WELL-DONE film (one of the best of ’08) reminds us we need to be far more questioning (& less forgiving) of those politicians who BETRAY the people & their trust.
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By Jnkbond
Written January 21, 2009
Its definitely worth seeing, well acted, and highly entertaining. Historicallly acurate with depth and detail.
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By jujubeep
Written January 24, 2009
Great acting, BUT, and a BIG BUT!!!! Typical Liberal crap. Always trying to rewrite history. They tried to blame the Vietnam War on Nixon. It started with JFK and was escalated by LBJ. They didn't say how many soldiers died in Vietnam before Nixon was President. They just mentioned the number that died when Nixon was President. That is the problem with the Liberal Hollywood gang. They only tell one side. Let's remember that Truman (a Democrat) started the Korean War. Eisenhower (a Republican) ended it. Let's remember that Kennedy & Johnson (Democrat) started the Vietnam War. Nixon (a Republican) ended it. Let's remember that 14,000 active duty soldiers died during Clinton administration. You never hear about that! Also, let's remember that Obama's big her is Abraham Lincoln (a Republican). Just the facts, man, just the facts.
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