By Camera123
Written January 11, 2009
I was a fantastic movie. Its wasn enlightening, thoughtful and well made. Frank Langella was totally believable as Nixon. I learned more about the two main characters than what I already knew.
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Great movie

By ashlingsmama
Written February 13, 2009
All the acting is in the faces. The characters are interacting with each other in more or less the ordinary, polite ways, but if you watch the fleeting microexpressions that go along with or instead of the speech, that is where the action really is. Note that this is not considered totally historically accurate, it is taken from a play in which some liberties were taken. But filmed in a very imaginative way, this is not a dry political movie at all. Lots of edge-of-your seat moments. Highly recommend.
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Frost Nixon

By greenberg8
Written February 08, 2009
LOVED IT We are of an age that we remember every detail of the period and it was so well done!
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Good piece

By hilfrich
Written March 14, 2009
The story doesn't sound too appealing, but for the politically interested person, this is a nice piece. I enjoyed it.
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By attorney
Written December 15, 2008
Excellent acting. Compelling and intelligent screenplay. Never insulting ot the audience's intelligence. The interview and the preparation therefor is like a heavyweight boxing contest. The verbal sparring was fascinating. If the movie were a bit shorter, it would have been even better. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.
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