By artzigas
Written December 15, 2008
I found later that this movie was an exageration, and was not quite true in its facts; too bad. Art
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Frost Nixon

By dutchmclaughlin
Written January 16, 2009
Okay movie ....
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Political drama

By suemarie
Written January 26, 2009
If you are interested in politics and corruption, you will like this movie. I did get a little bored. The acting is good. Frank Langella seemed a little over the top, but so did Nixon.
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By nycatnyc
Written January 07, 2009
excellent portrayal and piece of history - langella deserves an oscar at the very least for an amazing full dimensional and empathetic portrayal of the man, Nixon
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By chuchunezbie
Written January 18, 2009
I was impressed with how well the film kept me interested from beginning to end. My expectations for this were low so the outcome was very nice. I really liked how Ron Howard was able to make something as dull as an entrance to an interview so riveting and exciting. Throughout the whole length of the interview sequences, I found myself in a state of suspense (Hans Zimmer also contributes to this with his great score). Although it seems to be a strange portrayal, I saw Richard Nixon as an evil villain and David Frost as a superhero. although the film has about as much physical action as a dead bug, it is mental action packed. The entire time you wonder if David Frost will actually bring Nixon down (especially after their first interview). You learn the shifty ways of Richard Nixon and how he could take any negative subject against him and turn it into a nice little anecdote about some guy he met once at a golf course (hypothetically speaking). I was impress with how good this movie was
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