Great Political Thriller

By WVGreg
Written February 11, 2009
Knowing the outcome does not spoil the thrill of this film. I saw the play on Broadway with Frank Langella and Michael Sheen and thought the movie version was better - unlike Doubt where I thought the stage version was far superior. Langella captured the brilliance and flaws of Nixon. Sheen captured the smarminess, ambition and eventual talent of Frost. While I have a disdain for most things Nixon, I can't help but also be fascinated by the man. The film radiated that tension. I loved this film and I think Langella has bested Sean Penn in Milk - I hope he wins the Oscar.
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FROST / NIXON = Thoroughly Riveting Drama

By lugubriousthespian
Written February 13, 2009
Ron Howard's wonderfully entertaining movie recreation of the equally enthralling Tony Award-winning play based on the infamous interviews of a post resignation Richard Nixon by English talk show host David Frost, is an extremely good example of how to convey a juicy story with keen sense of zeitgeist. Of course it will be most noted for Frank Langella's marvelous portrayal of the enigmatic yet always compelling ex president which he originated on Broadway. At times you almost feel a bit of sympathy for this very anxiety-ridden man who lived with enormous shame only thinly veiled by the ignorance of elusive power. Matching him every step of the way is David Sheen who also recreates his Broadway role as the fluff-type journalist who feels this is his chance to prove he is capable of the challenge of getting Nixon to apologize to the American people. Every scene is well-paced by the competent Howard who opens up the play naturally and let's his ensemble shine!
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By gwenmitchell
Written January 22, 2009
My husband and I enjoyed this film very much. We are 77 and 80 years of age and remember the impeachment. hank you. Gwen Mitchell
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By ppsailor
Written January 24, 2009
Frank Langella is worth the price of admission. He is excellent and his facial characteristics are so appropriate and realistic.This is one of the outstanding acting jobs of recent years.
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By behindthecamera
Written February 21, 2009
I thought that Frost/Nixon was a captivating look at history. It was witty, but had all the important facts in. It had its long parts, but the final interview is truly spectacular. Frank Langella plays a marvelous Richard Nixon, making me see both points of view during Watergate.
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