The fresh smell of award season

By This fans fa you
Written February 03, 2009
You can smell it in the air, sometimes you get a nice scent and then there's an awkward scent. Some say its the smell of bad movies nominated bringing the awkard scent; then again its a smell people cope with. This movie: Frost/ Nixon has a smell i can agree with that touched my endorphins the right way. I was sitting amongst a lot of older people, possibly middle aged, possibly experiencing this same interview right in their own living roomin 1977. I enjoyed watching Frank Langella portraying Richard Nixon, hands down the best character in the movie. He was shifty, intimidating and very casual to give off an innocent look. David Frost along with his "crack team" brought an interesting aspect, laying their careers on the line to do 12 interviews that might not be successful. We can't forget Nixon's loyal bodyguard (kevin Bacon) who would bend over backwards for him. The movie shows that the trith will set you free; and who says theres anything wring with retiring. good movie
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Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

By Generic_Human
Written February 03, 2009
This was one of the most satisfying movie experiences I have ever had. The editing was superb. The writing crisp, and the acting phenomenal.
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By Daydream
Written February 09, 2009
Ron Howard's Frost/Nixon is the political movie of the year with Langella and Sheen giving accurate and intense performances. Kevin Bacon is equally exceptional in his supporting role. The movie is formatted like a documentary with each of the actors, years after the interviews, reliving their opinions and feelings on how everything unfolded as it did in the 70s. The "no holds barred" interviews were an all out war between Nixon and Frost. Frost, underestimating his opponent, was the underdog from day one. They both knew that only one man would "survive" the interviews and after an hour and twenty minutes of Frost failing miserably the tables start to turn in his favor. Overall enjoyable movie. (B-)
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Message to Hollywood

By belljl5
Written December 17, 2008
Ron Howard and crew did a good job with this flick, but Hollywood's agenda shines through yet again. I find the timing of the release to be interesting as it comes on the eve of an outgoing administration. At a press conference, one of Ron Howard's cronies told the press that there were a lot of parallels between the movie and the outgoing administration, which was accepted as common knowledge with the press group and the movie makers. Really??? We have documented proof that Richard Nixon engaged in illicit activities and an elaborate cover-up (the tapes provided that). Whereas, we have no evidence of this with the Bush administration. That is not to say that it will not be revealed in the months to come; however, I always thought that you were innocent until proven guilty in this country. My only desire is that Hollywood would remove some of the bias when making a movie about a period of our history that many people will not fact check but accept as an historical account.
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An amazing movie

By Serious_Movie_Fan
Written January 04, 2009
Frank Langella as Nixon did an wonderful job. A movie worth seeing.
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