By SSpielberg52
Written January 28, 2009
Ron Howard has created a great film. His character development is excellent, and he is able to generate suspense in a movie about a television interview. The acting is very good, and the portrayal of Richard Nixon is both complex and sympathetic. The scene of Nixon leaving his final interview with Frost and approaching a bystander with a small dog is memorable, capturing the tragic essence of a broken man. This film will take you to a deeper, more human understanding of Watergate and the man behind it.
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Slow But Satisfying

By elendinel
Written January 21, 2009
The first half of the movie feels like a filler; it details the process Frost goes through to set up the interviews, and makes the audience wait impatiently for the powerful exchange between Frost and ex-president Nixon. After the first hour or so, though, we finally see the interview process, and this is easily the best and most memorable part of the movie. All the acting is superb and engaging, and uncharacteristic of many films with Nixon, while we are still reminded of how far he erred from morality and correctness, we see a side of him that one can almost sympathize with. As a result, the movie made me wonder whether this is supposed to act as a parallel to the Bush administration, and if so, what the director hopes the audience feels as they watch this movie. Good movie for those interested in history or politics; if you couldn't care less about Nixon, not even the excitement of the last interview is going to captivate you.
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Nixon/Frost: Confessions of a crook

By jniebaum
Written February 05, 2009
Tension filled and extremely well acted, this is a must see for those of us who lived through the Nixon resignation and trauma. This film was far better than I expected.
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By Gschechter
Written December 31, 2008
I felt the movie was a great intellectual as well as historical work giving pract ically an ubiased view of former President Nixon and those seeking to interview him; it also gives insights into Nixon's charachter as well as the charachter of Journalists trying to nail him down on Watergate and controversial foreign policy matters. I definitely recommend this film to students of history and Journalism.
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By avckc
Written July 23, 2010
This movie feels "just right" for what it is. The acting is excellent, the moralizing is left out, and we are free to sympathize with both of the main characters. The movie is tight and absorbing, and effectively involves us in an interesting moment in time. The interplay, emerging parallels, and resulting sympathy between the two characters is fascinating.
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