By Jnkbond
Written January 21, 2009
Its definitely worth seeing, well acted, and highly entertaining. Historicallly acurate with depth and detail.
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By jujubeep
Written January 24, 2009
Great acting, BUT, and a BIG BUT!!!! Typical Liberal crap. Always trying to rewrite history. They tried to blame the Vietnam War on Nixon. It started with JFK and was escalated by LBJ. They didn't say how many soldiers died in Vietnam before Nixon was President. They just mentioned the number that died when Nixon was President. That is the problem with the Liberal Hollywood gang. They only tell one side. Let's remember that Truman (a Democrat) started the Korean War. Eisenhower (a Republican) ended it. Let's remember that Kennedy & Johnson (Democrat) started the Vietnam War. Nixon (a Republican) ended it. Let's remember that 14,000 active duty soldiers died during Clinton administration. You never hear about that! Also, let's remember that Obama's big her is Abraham Lincoln (a Republican). Just the facts, man, just the facts.
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TrickyDick admitted misdeeds, Because, he is the president! - No. 9 worst US President

By BillyNYC
Written December 25, 2008
It is a "MUST SEE" - ONLY IF YOU WERE PART OF THE NIXON ERA (like i was). Other than that it is a "GO SEE". * Because, he claimed, the president can break the law. * Frost was a lightweight -- that's one of the reasons Nixon and his people agreed to the interview. * This Nixon is full of pride and fury, cerebral and rigorous but fatally hungry for exoneration, or, failing that (though he never quite admits it), forgiveness. Richard M. Nixon forever will be associated with the Watergate scandal and his resignation. TrickyDick was and should go down with the Bush man as the top 10 worst US presidents: TOP 10 WORST PRESIDENTS - 1. James Buchanan 2. Warren G. Harding 3. Andrew Johnson 4. Franklin Pierce 5. Millard Fillmore 6. John Tyler 7. Ulysses S. Grant 8. William Harrison 9. Richard M. Nixon 10. George W. Bush Billy Amato (NYC)
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Excellent Movie

Written February 09, 2009
This movie is so well done I can't believe it. Ron Howard did a great job. Frank Langella truly should get best actor in my book. For those of us who remember that period in history, the movie ran only too true to what actually happened. Excellent cast and performances by all. Younger people, no doubt, will not appreciate why "Gate" is now attached to any political scandel. This is my second time seeing it as I wanted to show a friend how great this movie is.
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By SSpielberg52
Written January 28, 2009
Ron Howard has created a great film. His character development is excellent, and he is able to generate suspense in a movie about a television interview. The acting is very good, and the portrayal of Richard Nixon is both complex and sympathetic. The scene of Nixon leaving his final interview with Frost and approaching a bystander with a small dog is memorable, capturing the tragic essence of a broken man. This film will take you to a deeper, more human understanding of Watergate and the man behind it.
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