Great movie

By ashlingsmama
Written February 13, 2009
All the acting is in the faces. The characters are interacting with each other in more or less the ordinary, polite ways, but if you watch the fleeting microexpressions that go along with or instead of the speech, that is where the action really is. Note that this is not considered totally historically accurate, it is taken from a play in which some liberties were taken. But filmed in a very imaginative way, this is not a dry political movie at all. Lots of edge-of-your seat moments. Highly recommend.
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By delet
Written January 27, 2009
Enjoyed it very much, as Nixon put it so well "no holds bared". Should really be an Oscar for Langella. Would recommend it!
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Perhaps you have to be a history buff

By 11RevereCt
Written December 08, 2008
I found it to be a great character study. if you aren't a student of history, perhaps you wouldn't find it as riveting as I did. I hardly knew the time had passed, and that's a lot these days.
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Not an awful portrayal of Nixon

By xpxrt
Written December 23, 2008
This was actually a pretty good movie. Once you get into it a little - 15 minutes or so, you start to see the main characters as Nixon and Frost really were in that period of time. Of course it doesn't show Nixon's immense intellect but that wasn't its purpose. My opinion of his greatest crime - wage and price controls - wasn't covered either (Well, maybe the violation of the constitutiion was worse). Well written and well acted; this was a nice tight real-life drama of a BIG political period. Jim
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Excellent brain food for the historically- and politically inclined

By mgbglencoe
Written March 04, 2009
Langella is wonderful, Sheen very good, other cast good. No Hollywood "action", of course, just lots of tension as to whether and how Frost will get Nixon to acknowledge what he did and how he did it. As the script recreates the actual transcripts, there should be no surprises here to someone who is truly familiar with the history. But most of us probably haven't read the transcripts -- so at least I was pleased to see how it unfolded and in the end what happened. Well worth it, for those who like this sort of thing.
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