By attorney
Written December 15, 2008
Excellent acting. Compelling and intelligent screenplay. Never insulting ot the audience's intelligence. The interview and the preparation therefor is like a heavyweight boxing contest. The verbal sparring was fascinating. If the movie were a bit shorter, it would have been even better. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.
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By sleeper
Written December 28, 2008
I lived through this time in our history and the ending was still fantastic! The lead character who played Nixon did so very cleverly with his appearance and mannerisms. The only disarming thing was his attempt to sound like Nixon at times, but even that was fine when the facial expressions reminded me exactly of Nixon. The plot was well thought out, and presented in a way that kept me on the edge of my chair. The use of humor on a serious topic worked well in this instance. My two sons loved it as well. It is really worth seeing.
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By valcavin
Written February 01, 2009
Frank Langella is a marvel in this movie. Although I was an adult when these interviews happened, I must have been involved in something and missed them. The movie made me want to go back and read about them and possibly to read the book. I was very wrapped up in the Watergate scandal when it occurred so I knew the references in the movie. Langella does not really look like Nixon but by the end of the movie I believed he was Nixon.
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Solid, even to someone who never saw Nixon in action.

By aaronlsouza
Written February 04, 2009
I saw this movie with my parents, who were as impressed with Frank Langella's performance as I was--no mean feat indeed, considering that they saw him in the public spotlight for decades. Michael Sheen is equally compelling as the uncertain young interviewer who ends up making a name for himself based on an endeavor no one was sure would succeed.
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Doesn't Quite Stand Up

By fgross
Written January 03, 2009
Good but not Great when compared to Slumdog and Benjamin Button. Given I was beginning to be politically active in the Nixon era, not much new here. Interesting but about what I would expect. Go if you like to compare actor's for the awards, but otherwise, if you have limited dollars and you're picking the best shows to see, skip this one.
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