From Parda to Nada

By belizebway
Written January 28, 2011
I saw this movie, it is so funny . It has been a long time since I really laught so much and enjoyed seeing my latino people enjoying themself.. If you are looking for a way to kick off your weekend, this is the movie....
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No Sympathy for Shallow Nitwits

By al_soto
Written February 01, 2011
Walked in and there were four people for a prime time showing. We were all Hispanic. We all sat through the entire movie with blank stares, waiting for the comedy and laughs that never came. Basically, two spoiled Mexican girls lose their money. Then, their lives are battered and tortured by having to move to a barrio where there are poor Mexicans who speak Spanish, eat beans and rice, and dress like people from the barrio. Their only hope is to marry rich guys who will rescue them from this life. At the end, the girls accept their Mexican-ness, start to have fun in the barrio, and so their lives improve. Are you laughing? Do you see the humor? I didn't. PLEASE be good to yourself and don't waste your time or money.
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Hilarious movie!

Written January 28, 2011
Laughed all the way through......
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By superdelgadillo
Written January 28, 2011
LOVED IT!! A must see!! Original! It's about time someone makes a movie like this one! N
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By markrodriguez22
Written January 28, 2011
Girlfriend dragged me to a promo screening yesterday. I didn't want to go, but left totally satisfied. the girls are hot, and the jokes are funny. i was stoked. go check it out.
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