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A pleasant surprise!

By natashakashefipour
Written September 03, 2011
Admittedly, I went into this movie with low expectations. While I love the original, it's mostly known for being campy and fun rather than being what one would call "good." I didn't know if that could necessarily be duplicated, but it was! This remake manages to retain the spirit of the original while being updated for contemporary audiences. Catch it and have a laugh and a fright today!
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By Asmith519
Written August 24, 2011
It was funny. It was ok. The acting was decent. The vampire face on colin was ridiculous. Overall it was all right, but I wouldn't see it again.
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Perfect Summer Movie!

By LWatts
Written August 20, 2011
Fright Night is the perfect mix of horror, action, and comedy. The cast is fantastic all around. Colin Farrell delivers as a vampire, David Tennant is outstanding, and Anton Yelchin gets the lead role that he deserves. I saw it in 2D purposefully, since 3D movies tend to disappoint, but it was obvious during a number of the action sequences where the 3D would really shine, although I can't speak to it's actual execution. In retrospect, I should have given 3D a try on this one. The movie is well paced. It doesn't take itself too seriously - just seriously enough, perfectly walking that line between B-Movie and blockbuster. The plot has enough twists and turns to give it appeal beyond the typical B horror film. Well worth your time, money, and attention.
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Modern twist to classic movie!

By Ga-Ga for golden eyes
Written September 03, 2011
Really enjoyed it! I loved the old version and I liked how this one had things up to date with a lot of story from the classic. Even loved Chris Sarandon's cameo. Colin Farrell was hot and even Peter Vincent was sexy! Go see it if you love the old version, it won't disappoint! Even saw it again!
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A Good Horror Action Film

By carlosdesigns
Written September 19, 2011
Including the Action makes It an improvement of the original & updating the plot to seem more believable.
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