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By movie-pro
Written August 21, 2011
Colin Ferrell makes a very hunky Vamp. Some bad language, and lots of blood and guts...Really enjoyed the Peter Vincent character ....
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By Asmith519
Written August 24, 2011
It was funny. It was ok. The acting was decent. The vampire face on colin was ridiculous. Overall it was all right, but I wouldn't see it again.
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A pleasant surprise!

By natashakashefipour
Written September 03, 2011
Admittedly, I went into this movie with low expectations. While I love the original, it's mostly known for being campy and fun rather than being what one would call "good." I didn't know if that could necessarily be duplicated, but it was! This remake manages to retain the spirit of the original while being updated for contemporary audiences. Catch it and have a laugh and a fright today!
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Fright Night review

By medrano13
Written September 09, 2011
terrible movie!
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Awesome movie! Colin Farrell makes a pretty good villain. di

By ashjc87
Written August 22, 2011
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