I enjoyed it

By lil_bit22604
Written November 06, 2011
Is it just me or did that guy that was the hero sound like Luke Perry? Myself and step daughter enjoyed the movie. we found ourselves laughing at most parts.
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Fright Night 3D review

By moviebuff1993
Written November 23, 2011
Amazing 3D.
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Colin Farrell is awesome

By suemarie
Written August 24, 2011
I never saw the original, but this movie is really good. It is an understated, mildly violent vampire movie. Colin Farrell is sexy, scary, and appealing in a potentially campy role. I' m not sure if the 3D added anything, but I would recommend it to teens and older. I'm sure there will be sequels.
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By DHWesley
Written September 21, 2011
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Loved it!

By jewelshay21
Written August 19, 2011
If you are in to bloody cinema with hot vampires then see it now! I thought it was awesome also cause I saw the first Fright Night. I liked this one better! If you're not into vampires or gore probably not something you would like. But i thought it was Great!!!
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