Better than No Strings Attached

By nise1231
Written December 08, 2011
Actually quite a pleasant surprise. Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake have great chemistry and you really believe them as both friends and as a couple. Can't ignore the fact that this movie came out shortly after the same premise with bigger-name actors, but everything about Friends with Benefits is smarter: the story, the characters, the comedy (the witty banter, not the sex humor). The movie does poke fun at a lot of romantic comedies but there are several elements that don't do anything different (ex. taking the boat to get back into the city, the helicopter rescue... not necessary) but there are many other moments that are interesting. Woody Harrelson and Patricia Clarkson are also fantastic. All in all, a solid romantic-comedy.
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Very surprised!

By Superconductor
Written July 26, 2011
I found myself laughing out loud through much of this movie. Yes, it's predictable...yes, it's a corny, romantic comedy...and no, I don't care if it was just like some other movie. From the perspecitive of sheer entertainment, my wife and I had a great time at this film. JT surprised me...I thought he and Mila Kunis had great chemistry onscreen. And Woody Harrellson just cracked me up in every scene he was in. Word of warning though. I was surprised that some people were bringing their younger children to the movie. Let's just say this movie has very "adult themes". If you don't want to have to try and explain the finer points of oral sex to your 11 year old...I would suggest leaving them at home! ;)
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Friends With Benefits review

By goddessatpsu
Written July 25, 2011
Amazing.. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much! Too funny, JT is the best.
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Amazingly Funny!

By leoslmiller
Written July 23, 2011
I have watched every movie that has came out this year and feel this movie is one of the funniest movies since Bridesmaids. But funnier. I know there are several movies that have had similar story plots but this is worth seeing more than once. It's for adults for sure!
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Good concept... Bad overall

By lorna072001
Written December 07, 2011
i really wanted to like this movie. For what its worth, at least I know that Justin Timberlake does not have an ass. It was a good concept to make this film, but overall I was just lost on many parts. Some important aspects of the movie were quite unclear and made no sense. For example, why did JT tell her at the end on bended knee that he "just wanted his best-friend back" and didn't care if he didn't have sex with her again...because he was "in love with her".... yet... I'm confused. WTF? And what was it with Woody Harrelson being the "gay guy"? That was just so unrelated to the movie. I think Friends with Benefits is in its own right and nature something that is confusing as it blurs the lines of friendship with romance, and similarly this movie blurred and was quite unclear about their relationship at times. Bottom line: If I want to see a movie where Mila Kunis is having hot sex, I will opt for "Black Swan" in her lesbian scene with Natalie Portman!!!
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