FRENZY ~ The Master's Last Great Film

By lugubriousthespian
Written June 17, 2009
Alfred Hitchcock's FRENZY epitomizes the Master's finest work but also is quite adult in its themes as well as in is explicit sexuality and good doses of profanity that lace the devious thriller-like trappings of a transient type Londoner (Jon FInch) who is mistakenly identified as a crazed serial killer who strangles women with neckties while raping them. Barry Foster coolly plays the killer as quite the dashing sophisticate who has a particularly nasty scene with Barbara Leigh-Hunt who becomes one of his unwitting victims. Possibly due to the fact that we never actually REALLY see Norman Bates murder any of his victims is why this sociopath stands out as one of Hitch's most notorious diabolical dastards. Some delicious black humor is thrown into the mix as well here with the police inspector who almost realizes too late that they have implicated the wrong man. Very well done British thriller by the Master obviously enjoying his return trip back to his native land! Excellent!
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Frenzy's Fun!

By alanbige
Written September 05, 2011
Sir Alfred is one of a kind! Having fun with the dark side and with the camera is what he was all about. The trailer and the short documentary that go with the disc enhance the experience. I learned that Hitchcock never won an Academy Award. That, too, is laughable! "Psycho" is my idea of moviedom's Ninth Symphony. So expertly orchestrated. Few others can compare. And when it comes to playing around with his audience "Frenzy" also ranks well among his body of great works as with Beethoven's other outstanding symphonies. Long live The Masters and their Masterworks, no matter what the artistic endeavor. They all contribute markedly to our Joy For Life and Living. Thank You, Mr. Hitchcock, wherever you are! ADE
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