Great documentary on a profound leader of our time

By movies2alert
Written May 23, 2017
Well scripted documentary highlighting career of Angela Davis, one of the most profound leaders of our time, as well as a very significant time in America's history. Nice timeline following her college years and events which shaped her movement in becoming a prominent revolutionary figures and speakers of our time. That her imprisonment sparked worldwide outrage and support for her release and freedom for all political prisoners was new to me. A testament to her strong convictions and strong spirit to never give up on justice for all. An inspiring film on an incredible activist that hopefully will move more to stand up for the injustices and inequalities which still exist in society today.
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Information & Insight

By monesmovies
Written April 28, 2017
It was a wonderful movie, I went with my father and grandson, so the outlooks, impact, and understanding of what happened at that time, to this woman that had been presented to the world as "Angela Davis" was so varied by us (3 different generations). If you have the opportunity to see it, do not miss it! Not much has changed, the names and the faces are still protecting the guilty- oops or was that to protect the innocent? Go see the movie and decide for yourself!!
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Excellent view into Angela Davis's history as an activist and free-thinking woman

By rozsmith
Written August 24, 2016
To riff off of the MTV series - you may think you know about Angela Davis's history as an activist, academic, free-thinking woman and political prisoner...but you have no idea. I am always excited when I am able to view a documentary about a person's life while they are still with us. When it is a person as regal, grounded and historically important as Ms. Davis - the excitement is boundless. This film is educational, engaging, poignant and - perhaps most importantly - told with contemporary interviews and voice-overs from Ms Davis. This last bit allows us to hear her perspective on key events that would have lasting historical importance. This film is a must see.
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Relevant History

By bloominwhirlwind
Written March 23, 2017
This bio-documentary lets us hear the story of Angela Y. Davis in her own words, a form of redemption in its own rite. Quick snap shots of legal documents and historical footage recast the cultures that formed Angela Y. Davis and detail the events leading to her being named on the top 10 FBI Most Wanted List. Watch this film to see why the present gun debate is so relevant, why the prison industrialized complex is not a new idea, where academic freedom first fought for its voice, and how the body and afro of an educated black woman can be used as a political icon. Not recommended for small children, but for all those teenagers out there who still don't understand why the feminist movement was necessary, how significant going to college can be on your worldview, and how finding a microphone and shouting your truth will matter some day, check this out! Power to the people!
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By Ootongo
Written April 07, 2013
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