Free Angela and All Political Prisoners Synopsis
Free Angela is a gripping historic account of the events that catapulted a young University of California philosophy professor into a controversial political icon in the turbulent late 1960’s.
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Great documentary on a profound leader of our time

By movies2alert
Well scripted documentary highlighting career of Angela Davis, one of the most profound leaders of our time, as well as a very significant time in America's history. Nice timeline following her...

Information & Insight

By monesmovies
It was a wonderful movie, I went with my father and grandson, so the outlooks, impact, and understanding of what happened at that time, to this woman that had been presented to the world as "Angela...

Excellent view into Angela Davis's history as an activist and free-thinking woman

By rozsmith
To riff off of the MTV series - you may think you know about Angela Davis's history as an activist, academic, free-thinking woman and political prisoner...but you have no idea. I am always excited...

Relevant History

By bloominwhirlwind
This bio-documentary lets us hear the story of Angela Y. Davis in her own words, a form of redemption in its own rite. Quick snap shots of legal documents and historical footage recast the cultures...

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By sky4fashion
The story of Angela Davis's life is amazing and inspiring to say the least. The revolting detail that was provided helped the viewer to get a great grasp on the moving influence that Angela's mind,...

Informative and Powerful

By bpluim1
Great documentary about Angela Davis, including footage of the Black Panthers and George Jackson. Powerful commentary on Black Revolutionaries....

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