Fred Williamson
Date of Birth
Mar 05, 1938
Birth Place:
Gary, IN

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Richard Roundtree Bada$$ Motha F**kas!
2013 Pam Grier Bada$$ Motha F**kas!
2012 Jennifer O'Neill Last Ounce of Courage
2010 Robert Forster American Grindhouse
2010 John Landis American Grindhouse
2010 Joe Dante American Grindhouse
2010 Larry Cohen American Grindhouse
2007 Edward Albert Fighting Words
2007 Fred Willard Fighting Words
2007 Michael Parks Fighting Words
2006 Michael Parks Street Poet
2006 Fred Willard Street Poet
2006 Edward Albert Street Poet
2005 Gary Busey Crooked
2004 Owen Wilson Starsky & Hutch
2004 Will Ferrell Starsky & Hutch
2004 Vince Vaughn Starsky & Hutch
2004 Snoop Dogg Starsky & Hutch
2004 Juliette Lewis Starsky & Hutch
2004 Chris Penn Starsky & Hutch
2004 Ben Stiller Starsky & Hutch
2004 Liev Schreiber The Wild Ride to Super Bowl I
2003 Melvin Van Peebles BaadAsssss Cinema
2003 Pam Grier BaadAsssss Cinema
2003 Richard Roundtree BaadAsssss Cinema
2003 Quentin Tarantino BaadAsssss Cinema
2003 Larry Cohen BaadAsssss Cinema
2002 Jim Brown Jim Brown: All-American
2002 Raquel Welch Jim Brown: All-American
2002 James Toback Jim Brown: All-American
2002 Stella Stevens Jim Brown: All-American
2002 Oliver Stone Jim Brown: All-American
2002 Bernie Casey Jim Brown: All-American
2002 Melvin Van Peebles Jim Brown: All-American
2002 Ice-T On the Edge
2002 Gary Busey On the Edge
2002 Ice-T Rhapsody
2000 David Carradine Down 'n Dirty
2000 Charles Napier Down 'n Dirty
2000 Gary Busey Down 'n Dirty
2000 Anne Meara The Independent
2000 Janeane Garofalo The Independent
2000 Max Perlich The Independent
2000 Bob Odenkirk The Independent
2000 Ron Howard The Independent
2000 Jerry Stiller The Independent
2000 Ben Stiller The Independent
2000 Karen Black The Independent
2000 Peter Bogdanovich The Independent
2000 Dennis Weaver Submerged
1999 Chick Vennera Active Stealth
1998 Saul Rubinek Blackjack
1998 David Carradine Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror
1998 Eva Mendes Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror
1998 Robert Forster Night Vision
1997 Keith Carradine Fast Track [TV Series]
1997 Duncan Regehr Fast Track [TV Series]
1997 Robert Rodriguez Full-Tilt Boogie
1997 Quentin Tarantino Full-Tilt Boogie
1997 George Clooney Full-Tilt Boogie
1997 Harvey Keitel Full-Tilt Boogie
1997 Lawrence Bender Full-Tilt Boogie
1997 Michael Parks Full-Tilt Boogie
1997 Juliette Lewis Full-Tilt Boogie
1997 Matt Dillon Pitch
1997 Illeana Douglas Pitch
1997 Neil Simon Pitch
1997 Norman Jewison Pitch
1997 Eric Stoltz Pitch
1997 Arthur Hiller Pitch
1997 Al Pacino Pitch
1996 Tom Savini From Dusk Till Dawn
1996 Quentin Tarantino From Dusk Till Dawn
1996 Salma Hayek From Dusk Till Dawn
1996 Cheech Marin From Dusk Till Dawn
1996 Marc Lawrence From Dusk Till Dawn
1996 Michael Parks From Dusk Till Dawn
1996 Kelly Preston From Dusk Till Dawn
1996 George Clooney From Dusk Till Dawn
1996 Juliette Lewis From Dusk Till Dawn
1996 Harvey Keitel From Dusk Till Dawn
1996 Jim Brown Original Gangstas
1996 Paul Winfield Original Gangstas
1996 Robert Forster Original Gangstas
1996 Wings Hauser Original Gangstas
1996 Ron O'Neal Original Gangstas
1996 Charles Napier Original Gangstas
1996 Richard Roundtree Original Gangstas
1996 Pam Grier Original Gangstas
1994 O.J. Simpson Monday Night Football: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary
1992 Robert Forster South Beach
1992 Stella Stevens South Beach
1992 Vanity South Beach
1992 Peter Fonda South Beach
1992 Henry Silva South Beach
1992 Gary Busey South Beach
1992 John Rhys-Davies South Beach
1991 Bo Svenson Steele's Law
1991 Bo Svenson Three Days to a Kill
1991 Henry Silva Three Days to a Kill
1991 Van Johnson Three Days to a Kill
1991 Chuck Connors Three Days to a Kill
1990 Van Johnson Delta Force Commando 2: Priority Red One
1989 Bo Svenson The Kill Reflex
1989 Maud Adams The Kill Reflex
1988 Lance Henriksen Deadly Intent
1988 David Dukes Deadly Intent
1988 Maud Adams Deadly Intent
1988 Bo Svenson Delta Force Commando
1988 Chuck Connors Hell's Heroes
1986 Cameron Mitchell The Messenger
1985 Rory Calhoun Half-Nelson
1985 Dean Martin Half-Nelson
1985 Joe Pesci Half-Nelson
1984 Bo Svenson Deadly Impact
1984 Donald Pleasence Warrior of the Lost World
1983 Bruce Glover The Big Score
1983 Richard Roundtree The Big Score
1983 Ed Lauter The Big Score
1983 Vic Morrow The Bronx Warriors
1983 Rubén Blades The Last Fight
1983 Darlanne Fluegel The Last Fight
1983 Robert Forster Vigilante
1983 Woody Strode Vigilante
1983 Carol Lynley Vigilante
1982 Richard Roundtree One Down Two to Go
1982 Jim Brown One Down Two to Go
1981 Michael Constantine Fear in the City
1979 Vic Morrow Express to Terror
1979 Stella Stevens Express to Terror
1979 George Hamilton Express to Terror
1979 Broderick Crawford Express to Terror
1978 Gerald O'Loughlin Arthur Hailey's Wheels
1978 Blair Brown Arthur Hailey's Wheels
1978 Lee Remick Arthur Hailey's Wheels
1978 Jessica Walter Arthur Hailey's Wheels
1978 David Spielberg Arthur Hailey's Wheels
1978 Scott Brady Arthur Hailey's Wheels
1978 Anthony Franciosa Arthur Hailey's Wheels
1978 James Booth Arthur Hailey's Wheels
1978 Rock Hudson Arthur Hailey's Wheels
1978 Ramon Bieri Arthur Hailey's Wheels
1978 Ralph Bellamy Arthur Hailey's Wheels
1978 Bo Svenson Deadly Mission
1977 Adolph Caesar Fist of Fear, Touch of Death
1977 Bruce Lee Fist of Fear, Touch of Death
1977 Bo Svenson The Inglorious Bastards
1977 Ian Bannen The Inglorious Bastards
1975 Richard Pryor Adios Amigos
1975 Jim Brown Adios Amigos
1975 Carl Weathers Bucktown
1975 Pam Grier Bucktown
1975 Bernie Hamilton Bucktown
1975 Roddy McDowall Mean Johnny Barrows
1975 Stuart Whitman Mean Johnny Barrows
1975 Jim Brown Mean Johnny Barrows
1975 Leon Isaac Kennedy Mean Johnny Barrows
1975 Lee Van Cleef Mean Johnny Barrows
1975 Elliott Gould Mean Johnny Barrows
1975 R.G. Armstrong Mean Johnny Barrows
1975 Luther Adler Mean Johnny Barrows
1975 Anthony Caruso Mean Johnny Barrows
1975 Virginia Gregg No Way Back
1974 Richard Anderson Black Eye
1974 William Smith Boss Nigger
1974 Don "Red" Barry Boss Nigger
1974 R.G. Armstrong Boss Nigger
1974 Eli Wallach Crazy Joe
1974 Paula Prentiss Crazy Joe
1974 Luther Adler Crazy Joe
1974 Fausto Tozzi Crazy Joe
1974 Rip Torn Crazy Joe
1974 Peter Boyle Crazy Joe
1974 Henry Winkler Crazy Joe
1974 Barry Sullivan Take a Hard Ride
1974 Dana Andrews Take a Hard Ride
1974 Jim Brown Take a Hard Ride
1974 Ron Howard Take a Hard Ride
1974 Harry Carey, Jr. Take a Hard Ride
1974 Catherine Spaak Take a Hard Ride
1974 Lee Van Cleef Take a Hard Ride
1974 Corbin Bernsen Three the Hard Way
1974 Alex Rocco Three the Hard Way
1974 Jim Brown Three the Hard Way
1974 Isaac Hayes Three Tough Guys
1974 Lino Ventura Three Tough Guys
1974 Luciano Salce Three Tough Guys
1973 Henry Wills The Soul of Nigger Charley
1973 Boyd "Red" Morgan The Soul of Nigger Charley
1973 Richard Farnsworth The Soul of Nigger Charley
1973 David Lowell Rich That Man Bolt
1972 Bernie Hamilton Hammer
1972 William Smith Hammer
1972 Vonetta McGee Hammer
1970 Tom Skerritt M*A*S*H
1970 Donald Sutherland M*A*S*H
1970 René Auberjonois M*A*S*H
1970 Robert Duvall M*A*S*H
1970 Bud Cort M*A*S*H
1970 Marvin Miller M*A*S*H
1970 Elliott Gould M*A*S*H
1970 Sally Kellerman M*A*S*H
1970 Ted Knight M*A*S*H
1970 Robert Moore Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon
1970 Anne Revere Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon
1970 Julie Bovasso Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon
1970 Ken Howard Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon
1970 Leonard Frey Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon
1970 James Coco Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon
1970 Liza Minnelli Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon
1970 Ben Piazza Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon
1970 Nancy Marchand Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon
1969 Leslie Nielsen Deadlock
1969 Dana Elcar Deadlock
1969 Ruby Dee Deadlock
1969 Aldo Ray Deadlock
1969 Hari (Harry) Rhodes Deadlock
1969 James McEachin Deadlock
1969 Jeff Corey Star Trek: The Cloud Minders
1968 Robert Cornthwaite Ironside: Sergeant Mike
1968 John Dehner Ironside: Sergeant Mike
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