Frederick Ledebur

Worked With

Year Name Title
1977 Francisco Rabal Sorcerer
1977 Roy Scheider Sorcerer
1977 Ramon Bieri Sorcerer
1977 Bruno Cremer Sorcerer
1972 Sorrell Booke Slaughterhouse-Five
1972 Roberts Blossom Slaughterhouse-Five
1972 Valerie Perrine Slaughterhouse-Five
1972 Ron Leibman Slaughterhouse-Five
1972 John Dehner Slaughterhouse-Five
1972 Henry Bumstead Slaughterhouse-Five
1972 Eugene Roche Slaughterhouse-Five
1972 John Wood Slaughterhouse-Five
1972 Kevin Conway Slaughterhouse-Five
1968 Orson Welles Oedipus the King
1968 Donald Sutherland Oedipus the King
1968 Christopher Plummer Oedipus the King
1968 Lilli Palmer Oedipus the King
1968 Roger Livesey Oedipus the King
1968 Cyril Cusack Oedipus the King
1966 Jeremy Kemp The Blue Max
1966 George Peppard The Blue Max
1966 Ursula Andress The Blue Max
1966 James Mason The Blue Max
1966 Anton Diffring The Blue Max
1960 John Carradine The Twilight Zone: The Howling Man
1958 Charles Meredith The Buccaneer
1958 Jack Kruschen The Buccaneer
1958 John Hubbard The Buccaneer
1958 Paul Newlan The Buccaneer
1958 E.G. Marshall The Buccaneer
1958 Mike Mazurki The Buccaneer
1958 Robert Simon The Buccaneer
1958 Woody Strode The Buccaneer
1958 Norma Varden The Buccaneer
1958 Robert Warwick The Buccaneer
1958 Harlan Warde The Buccaneer
1958 Charlton Heston The Buccaneer
1958 Bruce Gordon The Buccaneer
1958 Lorne Greene The Buccaneer
1958 Charles Boyer The Buccaneer
1958 Kathleen Freeman The Buccaneer
1958 Ted de Corsia The Buccaneer
1958 John Dierkes The Buccaneer
1958 Douglas Dumbrille The Buccaneer
1958 Yul Brynner The Buccaneer
1958 Henry Brandon The Buccaneer
1958 Alberto Morin The Buccaneer
1958 Claire Bloom The Buccaneer
1958 Eddie Albert The Roots of Heaven
1958 Orson Welles The Roots of Heaven
1958 Paul Lukas The Roots of Heaven
1958 Trevor Howard The Roots of Heaven
1958 Errol Flynn The Roots of Heaven
1958 Herbert Lom The Roots of Heaven
1957 Paul H. Frees The 27th Day
1957 Mel Welles The 27th Day
1957 Gene Barry The 27th Day
1957 Stefan Schnabel The 27th Day
1957 George Voskovec The 27th Day
1957 Grandon Rhodes The 27th Day
1957 Philip Van Zandt The 27th Day
1956 Michael Hordern Alexander the Great
1956 Danielle Darrieux Alexander the Great
1956 Helmut Dantine Alexander the Great
1956 Barry Jones Alexander the Great
1956 Richard Burton Alexander the Great
1956 Fredric March Alexander the Great
1956 Niall MacGinnis Alexander the Great
1956 Claire Bloom Alexander the Great
1956 Stanley Baker Alexander the Great
1956 Harry Andrews Alexander the Great
1956 Peter Cushing Alexander the Great
1956 Joan Plowright Moby Dick
1956 Tom Clegg Moby Dick
1956 Gregory Peck Moby Dick
1956 Richard Basehart Moby Dick
1956 Noel Purcell Moby Dick
1956 Orson Welles Moby Dick
1956 Mervyn Johns Moby Dick
1956 Leo Genn Moby Dick
1956 Royal Dano Moby Dick
1956 James Robertson Justice Moby Dick
1956 Harry Andrews Moby Dick
1956 Bernard Miles Moby Dick
1956 Christopher Lee Moby Dick
1949 Ava Gardner The Great Sinner
1949 Frank Jaquet The Great Sinner
1949 Walter Huston The Great Sinner
1949 Ethel Barrymore The Great Sinner
1949 Melvyn Douglas The Great Sinner
1949 Ludwig Donath The Great Sinner
1949 Frank Morgan The Great Sinner
1949 Kenneth Tobey The Great Sinner
1949 Charles Wagenheim The Great Sinner
1949 Leonid Kinskey The Great Sinner
1949 Agnes Moorehead The Great Sinner
1949 Gregory Peck The Great Sinner
1946 Frank Marlowe Notorious
1946 Antonio Moreno Notorious
1946 Howard Mitchell Notorious
1946 Howard Negley Notorious
1946 Claude Rains Notorious
1946 Louis Calhern Notorious
1946 Ingrid Bergman Notorious
1946 Virginia Gregg Notorious
1946 George Lynn Notorious
1946 Cary Grant Notorious
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