A True Inspiration Part 1 of 2

By ryanwilley85
Written March 08, 2009
When the average person looks back at Tom Green in his early years, it's a split like or dislike right down the middle. Some people love him, some people hate him. However, people seemed to love new tv programs with moments inspired by Tom Green's humour. Show's like Jackass and Family Guy. Tom Green has paved the way for such tv shows. We've got Bam going into his parents bedroom and waking up his parent. An exact skit from The Tom Green Show. Family Guy's awkward moments which they do a lot. Oh and I also have seen on some sort of late night show, a bunch on fake paparazzi's going up to random people and questioning them because they seem to look like celebrities. Another exact skit from The Tom Green Show. When Tom Green stopped the show for a while, he really wanted to become a Comedian/Actor. So many people wanted to put him into movies. He was offered roles in movies such as Road Trip, Stealing Harvard. And for some reason Tom Green decided to Star In his own movie.
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One of the worst movies ever

Written March 24, 2009
This movie actually gave me a headache watching it. That is all i have to say about that. One of my top 5 WORST movies as of today. Horrible.
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