What parents need to know

Parents need to know that in this movie, a father hates his son, and vice versa. That same father is falsely accused of molestation (by the same son), splitting up the family. A handicapped character -- while otherwise portrayed as a positive, empowered individual -- has peculiar sexual tastes regarding her paralyzed legs. Pakistanis are depicted as gun-toting kidnappers. Grotesque family dysfunction, incest, abnormal sexuality (human and animal), revenge. Plentiful extreme profanity, with an emphasis on the f-word. The main character acts like an impulsive maniac; scenes show him cutting up dead animals, stalking people, making up cruel lies, playing with open wounds and body parts, and pulling sadistic pranks. Alcohol drinking/bingeing. Abundant references to oral sex. Sex between horses on a stud farm. Animal masturbation simulated with assorted livestock. Masochistic practices.A truck hits the lead character while he's clothed in a deer carcass. Running joke about a little boy who accidentally suffers one bloody accident after another. A compound leg fracture. An unrealistic (but graphically violent) cartoon.
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