Freddie Bartholomew
Date of Birth
Mar 28, 1924
Birth Place:
London, England

Worked With

Year Name Title
1951 Lionel Stander St. Benny the Dip
1951 Roland Young St. Benny the Dip
1951 Nina Foch St. Benny the Dip
1951 Dick Haymes St. Benny the Dip
1947 Jack Carter Sepia Cinderella
1945 Dorothy Vaughan The Town Went Wild
1945 Jimmy Lydon The Town Went Wild
1945 Charles B. Middleton The Town Went Wild
1945 Tom Tully The Town Went Wild
1945 Edward Everett Horton The Town Went Wild
1945 Ruth Lee The Town Went Wild
1945 Will Wright The Town Went Wild
1943 Huntz Hall Junior Army
1943 Don Beddoe Junior Army
1943 Peter Lawford Junior Army
1943 Billy Halop Junior Army
1942 Kenneth MacDonald Cadets on Parade
1942 Jimmy Lydon Cadets on Parade
1942 Robert Warwick Cadets on Parade
1942 Raymond Hatton Cadets on Parade
1942 Billy Bevan A Yank at Eton
1942 Edmund Gwenn A Yank at Eton
1942 Mickey Rooney A Yank at Eton
1942 Alan Napier A Yank at Eton
1942 Ian Hunter A Yank at Eton
1942 Peter Lawford A Yank at Eton
1942 Alan Mowbray A Yank at Eton
1942 Terry Kilburn A Yank at Eton
1941 Jimmy Lydon Naval Academy
1940 Thomas Mitchell Swiss Family Robinson
1940 Tim Holt Swiss Family Robinson
1940 Terry Kilburn Swiss Family Robinson
1940 Herbert Rawlinson Swiss Family Robinson
1940 Orson Welles Swiss Family Robinson
1940 Edna Best Swiss Family Robinson
1940 Billy Halop Tom Brown's School Days
1940 Jimmy Lydon Tom Brown's School Days
1940 Gale Storm Tom Brown's School Days
1940 Cedric Hardwicke Tom Brown's School Days
1940 Josephine Hutchinson Tom Brown's School Days
1939 Robert Keith The Spirit of Culver
1939 Tim Holt The Spirit of Culver
1939 Milburn Stone The Spirit of Culver
1939 Gene Reynolds The Spirit of Culver
1939 John Hamilton The Spirit of Culver
1939 Jackie Cooper The Spirit of Culver
1939 Andy Devine The Spirit of Culver
1939 Melville Cooper Two Bright Boys
1939 Jackie Cooper Two Bright Boys
1938 Mary Gordon Kidnapped
1938 Montagu Love Kidnapped
1938 Eily Malyon Kidnapped
1938 E.E. Clive Kidnapped
1938 John Carradine Kidnapped
1938 Warner Baxter Kidnapped
1938 Nigel Bruce Kidnapped
1938 C. Montague Shaw Kidnapped
1938 C. Aubrey Smith Kidnapped
1938 Reginald Owen Kidnapped
1938 H.B. Warner Kidnapped
1938 Judy Garland Listen, Darling
1938 Charles Grapewin Listen, Darling
1938 Scotty Beckett Listen, Darling
1938 Mary Astor Listen, Darling
1938 Walter Pidgeon Listen, Darling
1938 Alan Hale Listen, Darling
1938 Gene Lockhart Listen, Darling
1938 George Zucco Lord Jeff
1938 Mickey Rooney Lord Jeff
1938 Monty Woolley Lord Jeff
1938 Herbert Mundin Lord Jeff
1938 Terry Kilburn Lord Jeff
1938 Charles Coburn Lord Jeff
1938 Gale Sondergaard Lord Jeff
1938 Emma Dunn Lord Jeff
1938 Peter Lawford Lord Jeff
1937 Oscar O'Shea Captains Courageous
1937 William Stack Captains Courageous
1937 Edward Peil Sr. Captains Courageous
1937 Gil Perkins Captains Courageous
1937 Bobby Watson Captains Courageous
1937 Mickey Rooney Captains Courageous
1937 Gene Reynolds Captains Courageous
1937 David Thursby Captains Courageous
1937 Spencer Tracy Captains Courageous
1937 Billy Gilbert Captains Courageous
1937 Melvyn Douglas Captains Courageous
1937 Leo G. Carroll Captains Courageous
1937 Lionel Barrymore Captains Courageous
1937 John Carradine Captains Courageous
1937 Sam McDaniel Captains Courageous
1937 Mira McKinney Captains Courageous
1937 Charles Grapewin Captains Courageous
1937 Sherry Hall Captains Courageous
1936 Grant Mitchell The Devil Is a Sissy
1936 Jackie Cooper The Devil Is a Sissy
1936 Harold Huber The Devil Is a Sissy
1936 Ian Hunter The Devil Is a Sissy
1936 Etta McDaniel The Devil Is a Sissy
1936 John Kelly The Devil Is a Sissy
1936 Mickey Rooney The Devil Is a Sissy
1936 Stanley Fields The Devil Is a Sissy
1936 Eily Malyon Little Lord Fauntleroy
1936 E.E. Clive Little Lord Fauntleroy
1936 Dolores Costello Little Lord Fauntleroy
1936 Guy Kibbee Little Lord Fauntleroy
1936 Una O'Connor Little Lord Fauntleroy
1936 Henry Stephenson Little Lord Fauntleroy
1936 C. Aubrey Smith Little Lord Fauntleroy
1936 Virginia Field Little Lord Fauntleroy
1936 Jackie Searl Little Lord Fauntleroy
1936 Mickey Rooney Little Lord Fauntleroy
1936 Cecil Weston Lloyds of London
1936 Virginia Field Lloyds of London
1936 Madeleine Carroll Lloyds of London
1936 Billy Bevan Lloyds of London
1936 E.E. Clive Lloyds of London
1936 Tyrone Power Lloyds of London
1936 Georges Renavent Lloyds of London
1936 Una O'Connor Lloyds of London
1936 George Sanders Lloyds of London
1936 C. Aubrey Smith Lloyds of London
1936 Montagu Love Lloyds of London
1936 Gloria Stuart Professional Soldier
1936 Victor McLaglen Professional Soldier
1935 Reginald Owen Anna Karenina
1935 Maureen O'Sullivan Anna Karenina
1935 Fredric March Anna Karenina
1935 May Robson Anna Karenina
1935 Basil Rathbone Anna Karenina
1935 Reginald Denny Anna Karenina
1935 Greta Garbo Anna Karenina
1935 Roland Young David Copperfield
1935 Edna May Oliver David Copperfield
1935 Maureen O'Sullivan David Copperfield
1935 Lewis Stone David Copperfield
1935 Arthur Treacher David Copperfield
1935 W.C. Fields David Copperfield
1935 Madge Evans David Copperfield
1935 Jean Cadell David Copperfield
1935 Lionel Barrymore David Copperfield
1935 Una O'Connor David Copperfield
1935 Basil Rathbone David Copperfield
1935 Elsa Lanchester David Copperfield
1935 Herbert Mundin David Copperfield
1932 Colin Clive Lily Christine
1931 Merle Oberon Fascination
1931 Roland Culver Fascination
1931 Madeleine Carroll Fascination
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