Just saw the Chicago Premier

By naanders
Written November 07, 2007
I'm not a huge fan of Christmas movies and was very skeptical of this film. Vince Vaughn, kind of adult humor, and Christmas? I got invited, and honestly I'm glad that I went. Not an Oscar winner, but this movie is well casted and very fun. It's one of those "get you in the holiday spirit", along with some PG Vince Vaughn humor. An interesting story - it's not one of the 6 million re-cast Christmas themes - and definitely kid friendly. You get what you expect, laugh, and feel good leaving. That's what you wanted. I call it a success, and I'm surprised about it!
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Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written August 28, 2009
Awful, Vince Vaughn was awful.
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Fred Claus Is a Hit~

By Lucky Panda 365
Written November 09, 2007
Laugh all day when you watch Fred Claus, it's a must see, Bad reviewers lie! I almost died of laughter, and it had a nice cute funny little story to go with the laughs! A must-see movie for all adults and children!
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Okay for adults, GREAT for kids

By alligate27
Written October 30, 2007
okay for adults , great for kids so shut up davis shaw1 he has bad taste
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Must See!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Anna 11
Written November 08, 2007
I loved this movie. Amazing for Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go see it tonight!!!!!!!!
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