Frank Stallone
Date of Birth
Jul 30, 1950
Birth Place:
New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Kyra Sedgwick Reach Me
2013 Sally Kellerman Reach Me
2013 Sylvester Stallone Reach Me
2013 Tom Sizemore Reach Me
2013 Tom Berenger Reach Me
2013 Danny Aiello Reach Me
2013 Kelsey Grammer Reach Me
2013 Cary Elwes Reach Me
2007 Paul Giamatti Fred Claus
2007 Miranda Richardson Fred Claus
2007 Kathy Bates Fred Claus
2007 Stephen Baldwin Fred Claus
2007 Vince Vaughn Fred Claus
2007 Rachel Weisz Fred Claus
2007 Kevin Spacey Fred Claus
2007 John Michael Higgins Fred Claus
1995 Eric Roberts Public Enemies
1995 Theresa Russell Public Enemies
1993 Val Kilmer Tombstone
1993 Michael Biehn Tombstone
1993 Terry O'Quinn Tombstone
1993 Bill Paxton Tombstone
1993 Powers Boothe Tombstone
1993 Sam Elliott Tombstone
1993 Harry Carey, Jr. Tombstone
1993 Robert John Burke Tombstone
1993 Dana Delany Tombstone
1993 Hugh O'Brian Tombstone
1993 Buck Taylor Tombstone
1993 Billy Bob Thornton Tombstone
1993 Thomas Haden Church Tombstone
1993 Stephen Lang Tombstone
1993 Billy Zane Tombstone
1993 Michael Rooker Tombstone
1993 Robert Mitchum Tombstone
1993 Charlton Heston Tombstone
1993 Kurt Russell Tombstone
1991 William Conrad Hudson Hawk
1991 Andie MacDowell Hudson Hawk
1991 Bruce Willis Hudson Hawk
1991 Sandra Bernhard Hudson Hawk
1991 Danny Aiello Hudson Hawk
1991 David Caruso Hudson Hawk
1991 James Coburn Hudson Hawk
1991 Richard E. Grant Hudson Hawk
1991 Brenda Vaccaro The Masque of the Red Death
1991 Herbert Lom The Masque of the Red Death
1990 Brenda Vaccaro Lethal Games
1990 Cameron Mitchell Terror in Beverly Hills
1990 William Smith Terror in Beverly Hills
1989 Cameron Mitchell Easy Kill
1989 Steve Buscemi Heart of Midnight
1989 Peter Coyote Heart of Midnight
1989 Jennifer Jason Leigh Heart of Midnight
1989 Brenda Vaccaro Heart of Midnight
1989 Brenda Vaccaro Ten Little Indians
1989 Warren Berlinger Ten Little Indians
1989 Moira Lister Ten Little Indians
1989 Herbert Lom Ten Little Indians
1989 Donald Pleasence Ten Little Indians
1988 Robert Costanzo Crossing the Mob
1988 Maura Tierney Crossing the Mob
1988 Patti D'Arbanville Crossing the Mob
1988 Armin Mueller-Stahl Midnight Cop
1988 Michael York Midnight Cop
1988 Doug McClure Prime Suspect
1988 Susan Strasberg Prime Suspect
1988 Michael Parks Prime Suspect
1987 Faye Dunaway Barfly
1987 Mickey Rourke Barfly
1987 Pruitt Taylor Vince Barfly
1987 Fritz Feld Barfly
1987 Alice Krige Barfly
1987 Jack Nance Barfly
1987 Martin Landau Death Blow
1987 Terry Moore Death Blow
1987 Jack Carter Death Blow
1987 Terry Moore Lethal Victims
1987 Martin Landau Lethal Victims
1987 Jack Carter Lethal Victims
1987 Warren Berlinger Outlaw Force
1987 Warren Berlinger Take Two
1986 Eartha Kitt The Pink Chiquitas
1983 John Travolta Staying Alive
1983 Kurtwood Smith Staying Alive
1983 Sarah Miles Staying Alive
1983 Julie Bovasso Staying Alive
1982 James Booth Hotline
1982 Granville van Dusen Hotline
1982 Sylvester Stallone Rocky III
1982 Bill Baldwin Rocky III
1982 Leif Erickson Rocky III
1982 Burgess Meredith Rocky III
1982 Talia Shire Rocky III
1982 Carl Weathers Rocky III
1982 Burt Young Rocky III
1981 Mike Farrell Prime Suspect
1981 James J. Sloyan Prime Suspect
1981 Susan Strasberg Prime Suspect
1981 Lane Smith Prime Suspect
1981 Doug McClure Prime Suspect
1981 Veronica Cartwright Prime Suspect
1981 Teri Garr Prime Suspect
1981 Charles Aidman Prime Suspect
1981 Barry Corbin Prime Suspect
1979 Talia Shire Rocky II
1979 Fran Ryan Rocky II
1979 Bill Baldwin Rocky II
1979 Sylvester Stallone Rocky II
1979 Burgess Meredith Rocky II
1979 Burt Young Rocky II
1979 Carl Weathers Rocky II
1978 Tom Waits Paradise Alley
1978 Sylvester Stallone Paradise Alley
1978 Kevin Conway Paradise Alley
1978 Anne Archer Paradise Alley
1978 Armand Assante Paradise Alley
1978 Ray Sharkey Paradise Alley
1976 George O'Hanlon Rocky
1976 Sylvester Stallone Rocky
1976 Bill Baldwin Rocky
1976 Talia Shire Rocky
1976 Burgess Meredith Rocky
1976 Lloyd Kaufman Rocky
1976 Carl Weathers Rocky
1976 Burt Young Rocky
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