Frank Novak

Worked With

Year Name Title
2009 Billy Crudup Watchmen
2009 Stephen McHattie Watchmen
2009 Carla Gugino Watchmen
2005 Shirley MacLaine Rumor Has It...
2005 Jennifer Aniston Rumor Has It...
2005 Kevin Costner Rumor Has It...
2005 Mark Ruffalo Rumor Has It...
2005 Christopher McDonald Rumor Has It...
2005 Richard Jenkins Rumor Has It...
1996 Raphael Sbarge Independence Day
1996 Randy Quaid Independence Day
1996 Bill Pullman Independence Day
1996 James Duval Independence Day
1996 Harry Connick, Jr. Independence Day
1996 Will Smith Independence Day
1996 Adam Baldwin Independence Day
1996 Jeff Goldblum Independence Day
1996 Margaret Colin Independence Day
1996 Mary McDonnell Independence Day
1996 Judd Hirsch Independence Day
1996 Robert Loggia Independence Day
1995 Rosalind Cash A Dangerous Affair
1995 Christopher Meloni A Dangerous Affair
1995 Connie Sellecca A Dangerous Affair
1995 Gregory Harrison A Dangerous Affair
1994 Kim Delaney The Force
1994 Tate Donovan Holy Matrimony
1994 Armin Mueller-Stahl Holy Matrimony
1994 Patricia Arquette Holy Matrimony
1994 Courtney B. Vance Holy Matrimony
1994 Eric Roberts Nature of the Beast
1994 Brion James Nature of the Beast
1994 Lance Henriksen Nature of the Beast
1994 Scott Glenn Night of the Running Man
1994 John Glover Night of the Running Man
1994 Andrew McCarthy Night of the Running Man
1994 Wings Hauser Watchers 3
1993 Clint Howard Carnosaur
1993 Diane Ladd Carnosaur
1993 Raphael Sbarge Carnosaur
1993 Stephen Lang Darkness Before Dawn
1993 Meredith Baxter Darkness Before Dawn
1993 Kirsten Dunst Darkness Before Dawn
1992 Gregory Harrison Breaking the Silence
1992 Stephanie Zimbalist Breaking the Silence
1992 Kevin Conway Breaking the Silence
1992 Christopher Plummer Danielle Steel's 'Secrets'
1992 Noah Taylor Danielle Steel's 'Secrets'
1992 Bill Pullman Newsies
1992 Kevin Tighe Newsies
1992 Robert Duvall Newsies
1992 Christian Bale Newsies
1992 Ann-Margret Newsies
1992 Marc Lawrence Newsies
1992 Michael Lerner Newsies
1992 Stephen King Sleepwalkers
1992 John Landis Sleepwalkers
1992 Clive Barker Sleepwalkers
1992 Mark Hamill Sleepwalkers
1992 Joe Dante Sleepwalkers
1992 Alice Krige Sleepwalkers
1992 Tobe Hooper Sleepwalkers
1992 Ron Perlman Sleepwalkers
1991 Alan Young Earth Angel
1991 Roddy McDowall Earth Angel
1991 Mark Hamill Earth Angel
1991 Garrett Morris Earth Angel
1991 Alan Oppenheimer Murphy Brown: Terror on the 17th Floor
1991 Kathy Baker One Special Victory
1991 Angela Bassett One Special Victory
1991 John Larroquette One Special Victory
1991 Beah Richards One Special Victory
1991 Ray Walston One Special Victory
1991 Phil Hartman One Special Victory
1991 Joe Pantoliano One Special Victory
1991 Chick Vennera Runaway Father
1991 Janet MacLachlan Runaway Father
1990 Tony Bill The Killing Mind
1990 Stephanie Zimbalist The Killing Mind
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