Not playing in my area

By robbomb77
Written April 04, 2014
Very disappointing not to see this movie close to my area. I'm around approximately 3 to 4 movie theaters and this one is not shiowing. This will be the second movie in my area that will not be showing, the second one was Repentance. I guess I have to wait for it to come out on DVD or Redbox. No love for Montgomery County MD.
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Great movie...excellent acting!!

By ksneedy
Written October 09, 2014
Halle Belly is excellent in this movie....she makes you want to know more about the life of the person this movie is about. Excellent casting. First time in a long time that either me or my husband didn't want the movie to end.
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Not Best Picture!

By Kafe
Written April 06, 2014
I'm sure Halle Berry saw this as a chance to show her acting ability, because of the diverse personalities her character possessed. However, the storyline was somewhat drawn out and boring. I guess she did the best she could do with this script. Although it was based on a true story, it seems like something's missing. I don't see any awards for this one.
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Great Acting...Horrible Storyline

By allena224
Written April 13, 2014
Go see it, if only to see Halle's phenomenal effort. Don't go, if you're looking for a complete package. You'll be disappointed. Halle was incredible. However, the studio did her a major disservice here. First, they decided on a limited release. Second, there was minimal promotion, particularly for an academy award winning actress. Third and most important, she had to work with a horrible storyline. The movie left me empty. It clearly had a lot of levels it needed to explore -- the doctor and his unraveling life; the mother and her inner demons; the sister and her dysfunctional relationships with mom and Frankie; the boyfriend and his consequences before tragedy; the best friend; and lastly, baby Alice! Why? Why? There simply wasn't enough movie time to do justice to each storyline, while devoting time for Halle to showcase her talents. The movie failed to develop each character and thus it was a flop for me. But again, major props to Halle...with shout-outs to Phylicia and Stellan!
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Coulda Put More to It!

By lawson392138
Written April 06, 2014
The film itself was interesting, but there should have been a more intriguing plot/introduction that lead the audience up to what was actually going on. There were no preconceptions to inform the audience how the story began. It was like watching a movie from the middle with no end. Halle Berry and Phylesha Rashad are phenomenal actresses who have played in "more interesting and theatrical dramas" more so than the characters played as Frankie and Moma. The film didn't give detail leading up to the pregnancy, in which I'm sure was the surprise and mystery, but unless there is a sequel to this movie, we didn't find out what happened to the baby. I also noticed that the movie began with a note that it was 1957 in Savannah?, GA. Marvin Gaye's song "Let's Get It On" was playing for the dance, and was not published during the era of 1957.
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