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Decent movie

By willybowdizzle
Written October 09, 2012
I was kinda inbetween on this movie. It was decent, not great. The $1.25 convenient fee PER TICKET through this site is RIDICULOUS! I would just go to the theater to buy my tickets..
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By hdqueen
Written October 30, 2012
I was surprised at how dark the theme was for being a Disney movie. Of course, Disney makes great endings! Don't want to give it away. I loved the story line. Loved that it was in black and white. Made the movie very retro. Liked it very much.
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It's nice how we can get so attached to our pets. Nice memories.

By Squirrel Dude
Written October 13, 2012
When you were younger and had a pet, particularly a dog, then you may rekindle past feelings. That's what I experienced. A boy's best friend was his dog, and when the day happened that his dog died, it makes you remember when your pet died too. Through what you already know from Mary Shelly's "Frankenstein," happens, you want to see and hear that familiar bark again. It's funny how animals can make us feel. Lastly, I saw it in 3D - however, not surprising, 2D is satisfactory enough.
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By Harlansd_f
Written October 22, 2012
From the very start I laughed. I am a push over for slap stick comedy. It was well written, all the corn was added; the tongue and cheek humor was there and the characters grow on you. It is good to see the old story re-invented for the kids and parents too. The name tells the story. I am glad that every old horror story was involved, from Godzilla, Igor,swamp thing, Gremlins,and the mummy. Now enough of the teasers, see the movie!One adult, one 7 year old and one 4 year old opinions! It is only black and white if you see it in 3D. Other wise it is in color and much better.
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A little "darkie" for kids

By moviesg68
Written July 26, 2014
I went with my kids (eight and three years old) and we really enjoyed it! A little scary for my little one but he still loved Sparky!.
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