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Sweet in a reistsd Tim Burton kinda way

Written October 06, 2012
It was cute & sweet. Funny parts. Even a couple of tears. The kids enjoyed!
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Tim Burton, does it again

By poohs220
Written October 27, 2012
Im a fan of Tim Burton, and I love his work. The movie Frankenweenie was ok, it was good to watch with the kids considering it is Halloween. I wouldnt rush off to buy it soon as it goes to DVD. Although, I am a movie collector...i'll wait for the $5 sale, lol. But its an ok movie for the kids to see, it wasnt gory, or scary. It was most Tim Burton's films are. Its worth giving it a shot if ur interested in seeing the movie, and give your own opinion.
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Funny and Touching

By momino
Written October 20, 2012
We loved this movie. It was funny, creative and touching. My 8 year old son said it deserved 5 stars (our local paper gave it 4). I loved the black and white but am not sure that the 3D added much other than the cost. I often feel that way about 3D films; it's a question of whether it made me more involved in the film. I suspect this one could stand on it's own based on the story and characters. I plan to see it again since my husband didn't get to see it with us (we went to a matinee on a school in-service day). We had an interesting talk about whether we would bring our dog back if we could (he died 6 years ago).
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Sparky! Sparky!

By jel1955
Written October 28, 2012
Awwwww***... Sparky.... We love Sparky! The children and adults in the theater last night all appeared to have fallen for Sparky. Go see"Frankenweenie!"
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Another Classic Tim Burton Movie

By infiniti08
Written October 27, 2012
Sweet story!
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