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Good movie but some complex themes for little kids

By delta-tina67
Written January 29, 2015
Love Tim Burton and my 9 year old does too. She doesn't mind the creepiness of his movies...usually. But her problem with this movie was with the dog dying (which is realistically portrayed so it really hits home with you) and that the sadness of that event keeps being revisited over and over, so you never really get over it. Even though the dog is "revived" and there are some funny parts in the movie, that sadness just kinda hangs over you. Even as an adult, I felt sad. I guess that means the movie did it's job by evoking a real emotion. But it's hard to explain that to your sobbing nine-year old. STILL, it is a great movie, well done motion-capture and the story (aside from the dead dog) has so many good lessons, about how fear breeds anger/violence/judgement/confusion, and even the importance of science in our schools. Loved Martin Landau as the science teacher! Glad we went to see it; not sure if we'll be buying it on more sobbing kids, please.
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Terrific movie!

By cmoorejr
Written February 27, 2015
My daughter and I really enjoyed this movie! I was laughing alot of the time because of the characters they used. Pretty ingenius. For me, it was worth going just to hear Winona sing for the first time..I love that woman..she was on key whole time! What a woman..what a movie!
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Frankenweenie Review

By UMScholar
Written December 18, 2014
The movie is okay. I just think the black and white was not for kids as they didnt understand why there was no color. Also, it maybe a little misleading for small children to think all you have to do is plug your dead pet up to some car cables and it will be alive again.
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It is a little scary for younger kids - 10 years ok, but glad I didn't take my 7 year old

By GreenBean102
Written October 21, 2014
My daughter is 10, and she enjoyed the movie - wasn't too scared. But she cried emotionally - Sparky is a good dog and goes through a lot, but come out ok in the end...but not without some tears. I thought is was a good movie - many great old characters are intertwined, which speaks to the adults in the audience.
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By elves4me
Written September 02, 2014
Good show. Had me crying in places, but I'm a softy even for a cartoon animal. Hope kids don't go away with a sense that they can make their beloved dead pets come back.
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