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Simple, heartfelt and hilarious!

By robotsonik
Written March 27, 2017
Frankenweenie is heartfelt, hilarious and decidedly Burtonesque. Tim Burton's signature character designs are fantastic and the film takes us through a wonderful homage to monster movies of old while conjuring up laughs and tears along the way. It's both a fantasy about dealing with the loss of a beloved pet, finding out that sensible is not always sensible and ultimately about love. It may not be oscar worthy, but it's a Tim Burton fantasy that fits into that universe perfectly and is just so much fun to watch!
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By sandiegopadre
Written January 20, 2017
To see this movie you must first be a Tim Burton groupie. Mr Burton you have given us yet another masterpiece of humor, common sense and at times a tear in the eye. Bottomline: I LOVED THIS MOVIE! To all who did voices, especially Mr Landau(sp), a supurb job. Im off to see Hotel Transv....tomorrow. This is both well produced for adults as well as childern. Although childern would enjoy it much more. As an adult I loved escaping into the world of a child, thank you. I will purchase this on dvd not for any kids but for my library. I cant wait to get high and see it again.
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By moviedad717
Written May 26, 2017
Amazing animation, quirky characters but way too sad and scary for little kids. Took five 10 year old gals and most were crying after the movie.
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A good addition to the Frankenstein library

By davehammond
Written May 29, 2017
Another take on the Frankenstein story, well done as a film. My only quarrel is with how over stereotypical all the characters were. We had the smart Asian kid, the fat dumb kid, the fat mayor, the cute girl next door. The Igor replacement was perhaps the best original and most interesting character. But, take a kid (I think ages 6 and up) - they will enjoy it.
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Not Worth It

By Theater_man
Written May 28, 2016
Saw Movie in 3D and that was a waste of money. There is nothing about the movie that 3D makes better. If you are going to see it wait until it is in a dollar theater, I thought the movie was boring and kind of flat. The story was weak and there were a few moments but not nearly enough. I expected more and was let down.
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