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Frankenweenie Way Too Scary

By twohourrealitybreak
Written October 05, 2015
I would never recommend this for anybody under 8 or so. My daughter is six and was sobbing at the two deaths of Sparky and the horrible monsters. We saw it in 3D which made it even worse. We left the theater once to go to the bathroom after she was crying, and I told her we'd give it one more try. Forget it. After Sparky's second death, we were done. We missed the happy ending, but it should never have been marketed for young children. It wasn't nearly as cute or funny as the trailer made it out to seem. Go see Hotel Transylvania instead; it's a winner!
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Frankenweenie 3D

By Kitty Hips
Written October 21, 2012
I had such high hopes for this movie. I should read other reviews before I spend my hard earned dollars on 4 tickets for the family. Did not know it was going to be in black and white only. The 3D effect was not that effective! I think Frankenweenie is such a cute character as many of them were. No more shows for me for awhile. Gotta save up some more bucks!
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Why black and white??

By Wendian
Written October 07, 2012
Took my 5 year old to see it. It was dark (as in black and white, drab scenery) and did not really hold her attention. She loves movies like Nightmare Before Christmas, Igor, Monster House, etc., so I thought she would love this. It was definitely not for her age group. It was amusing and the characters were very good, but if you are taking children, the black and white could be a real disappointment. They did it in 3D but it was ridiculous not to have it in color.
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By CTronge
Written October 28, 2012
Great kids movie and for the older ones too. It was inventive and well done! Funny yet touching!
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Don't miss it!

By SJKoffin
Written June 27, 2016
The original Frankenweenie that came out in 1984 was a childhood favorite of mine and my 4 brothers. Seeing the new version made me ecstatic! I loved how close to the original it was! Way to go Burton!, not letting anyone take away from it! To think he got himself in poor favor with Disney over the original and now they see the genius that was behind it and let him run all over the place with this one! It may be a little crude and down-right disgusting in parts, but the beloved original story of a boy and his dog shine through and bring love and joy to your heart! A MUST SEE for all Tim Burton fans and fans of the original short movie!
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