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Classic Burton Work

By Greenhawk84
Written June 26, 2017
This is the perfect movie for the Halloween season. While it does have its sad moments and concepts, it is definitely an entertaining 3D experience with classic Burton atmosphere and characters. The entire movie is black and white to give it that vintage horror look.
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This movie was good (Thanks Andy!)

By Cabinderada
Written October 08, 2012
This movie was a lot of fun and, from a technical point point of view, pretty awesome. It was neat to see all the references to the old Universal movie monsters, especially the fight in the windmill at the end. The 3-d was very well done and bright (at least it was at my theater). Voice work was stellar on all sides. Highly recommended. Can get a little intense for kids who scare easy (although most scares were handled with humor) and parents who don't want to discuss how pets can die and how sad that can be - because Director Tim Burton works that nerve for all it's worth.
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Really good story

By FullyOut
Written October 21, 2012
...while at the same time having the sort of surreal creepiness that makes Tim Burton films so much fun, especially around Halloween! See it, great movie!
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Lots of fun for the whole family

By libdev
Written October 10, 2012
This is a great movie for everyone in the family. I enjoyed it very much, especially entertaining in 3D. My husband felt that it was better for a much younger audience, but I think everyone can enjoy it. I loved the parody of the old horror movies. And Tim Burton's signature style is all over this movie. It is humorous, fun and touching.
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Frankenweenie Way Too Scary

By twohourrealitybreak
Written April 30, 2017
I would never recommend this for anybody under 8 or so. My daughter is six and was sobbing at the two deaths of Sparky and the horrible monsters. We saw it in 3D which made it even worse. We left the theater once to go to the bathroom after she was crying, and I told her we'd give it one more try. Forget it. After Sparky's second death, we were done. We missed the happy ending, but it should never have been marketed for young children. It wasn't nearly as cute or funny as the trailer made it out to seem. Go see Hotel Transylvania instead; it's a winner!
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