Frances Ha Synopsis
Frances goes from apartment to apartment in Brooklyn as she looks for a job and a stable partner.
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Engaging and endearing - somewhat flawed

By vizwords
Like the main character herself, this movie is at times engaging and endearing - though not without flaws. I took my wife to see Frances Ha because all of the mainstream films seemed like they would...

Post-Modern Love!

By pedsarq
What a wonderfully post-modern movie about love in its many different forms and a young woman's struggle to find her identity. Frances is a great friend to others who has a difficult time being...

Francis Ha

By Susanstrausberg
An intriguing look at the slow and winding process of coming of age. Well written and directed. Wonderfully acted. It is a sophisticated story told at a slow pace - sometimes too slow. I liked it!...

Quirky but engaging

By grimley1
Many people will be annoyed by this little movie, but some will really enjoy it. I did. The main character carries the tale. It is also an insight into the ways of the 20 to 30 year old...

Frances Ha

By dkaydresser
It was a very entertaining movie. It was a movie about having to grow up and not wanting to. - wanting to keep old relationships as they were instead of growing with them when circumstances change. ...

Frances Ha Not

By beachbuzz
Supposed to be a comedy but really not funny at all. Rather a sad, commentary on society - lonely, shallow friendships, lack of communication, fueled by sex and booze. The redeeming factor was...

Tale of a 27 year old Nothing

By yoblack
A sad commentary on how long it takes young adults to grow up nowadays. Also sad commentary on women, and how by portraying one who is incapable, stupid and a mess can get so many critics excited. ...

Frances Metamorphosis

By gzacny
This is an excellent slice of life drama about a young woman finding her way in New York City. For people like me, parents of of the 20-something X-generation, this film is a Rosetta Stone that...

Pretentious drivel; witless Woody Allen wannabe

By eoyang
Just saw Noah Baumbach's "Frances Ha," which is his homage to Godard and Truffaut, and his attempt to imitate "Annie Hall." The trouble is that the dialogue is puerile, the characters juvenile, and...

A lovely little movie

By michaeldj68
This film captures exactly what it's like to be a young person trying to find their way in the arts in NYC right now. I was particularly delighted by the sequence of going home for Christmas in...

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Rated R | For Sexual references and language
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Common Sense Media says Smart, hilarious, mature look at an appealing scatterbrain.
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