By Auvaa649
Written March 04, 2015
This is one of those movies where you're not sure you like it but can't stop watching it. Rather like a dateline that's most disturbing. Uncomfortably quiet throughout the film and always a stormy rain cloud overhead. Carells depiction of the character John du Pont was so well done you really would have no idea it was Carell at all. Channing did an excellent job as well. He had such intensity and sadness you felt like you just wanted to hug him and make it better. Creepy, disturbing, uncomfortable and interesting film. Still was thinking about it this morning and quite sure had a odd dream about du Pont last night.
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If accurate to real people involved, why make the movie.

By itla2001
Written January 25, 2015
The acting was excellent, the cinematography excellent, the directing and writing excruciating. The pacing was way too slow. The dialog nonexistent. Now maybe it was because he was portraying marginally socialized people. I don't know. But as the commercial jingle goes "express yourself". I didn't enjoy the experience of watching the movie. I thought Ruffalo and Channing created characters beyond themselves. I'm not sure about Carell. I would not recommend movie.
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Solid and alarming performances

By FilmFan616
Written January 31, 2015
Foxcatcher should be an Oscar contender hands down. From Steve Carrell's unrecognizable turn as John DuPont to Mark Ruffalo's and Channing Tatum's physical embodiment's of the Schultz brothers... the acting was serious and real. There was mounds of tragedy and loss wound up in some gritty human emotions.
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Truly Unwatchable

By aapatton1
Written February 11, 2015
A great real-life story completely ruined by exceptionally poor filmmaking. They completely ignored the real-life standoff for two days after the murder with Dupont holed up in his mansion and his police friends outside waiting him out. Such a huge waste of terrific acting talen. Pace WAY too slow, script unfocused and little to no insight about Dupont. What a shame.
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By daxt21
Written January 17, 2015
This is gripping in the most twisted and sickening way. An incredible performance from these three actors. Steve Carell blew me away the most. Bennett Miller is truly genius..
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