Baltimore Sun

By Chris Kaltenbach
Four Christmases works because of some genuinely funny setups, a pace that never dwells on one gag (or even one family) too long and a careful mix of slapstick and bawdy humor. But mostly, the film works because of the astonishing acting talent the filmmakers brought together to make it.
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Charlotte Observer

By Lawrence Toppman
Vaughn delivers every line with his usual deadpan glibness, which suits the part. But I smiled as I watched the big-bellied, multi-chinned actor connecting with the porcelain, model-thin Witherspoon.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Owen Gleiberman
Crassly enjoyable.
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
The film has its funny moments, but they are too few to make the holiday excursion worthwhile.
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
Like the last gift buried under singing Billy Bass fish, dancing Coke cans, joke books and mounds of wrapping paper, there's a glimmer of fun in Four Christmases that almost gets vacuumed up with the tinsel.
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Carrie Rickey
A generic oven-stuffer that wants to be a stocking-stuffer, is a turkey, despite the foil wrapping and some artfully deployed tinsel.
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Boston Globe

By Ty Burr
Four Christmases is essentially "Meet the Parents" quadrupled.
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By Bob Mondello
Alas, there's scarcely a moment of ingenuity or surprise in this tale of the supremely smug, unmarried-but-made-for-each-other Brad and Kate.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Kirk Honeycutt
Bad enough to create one of the most joyless Christmas movies ever, but then to go for an unearned feel-good ending adds insult to injury.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Ruthe Stein
This is a movie of excesses that doesn't know when to settle down. It aims to be a slapstick comedy, a romantic comedy and a plain old romance but falls short of each goal.
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