For the Love of Spock Synopsis
Actor Leonard Nimoy portrays the iconic character Mr. Spock on the television series "Star Trek."
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Trekkie Love

By LaurelGardiner
True Trekkies will love this movie. I saw it as the LA premiere, with Adam Nimoy, which is a little special. It was at Graumann's Chinese, so it was a super treat!...

Got me tears!

By Michele Placenti
For all Star Trek fans. Speechless !...


By stimpasaurus
Overall, I enjoyed the movie. I learned things about Leonard Nimoy and Spock that I never knew before. I enjoyed the many guest appearances. At times it felt like it did not have direction and...

Too the point (pun intended)

By armathest
Adam Nimoy delivers on the story of his famous father in a manner more fulfilling than his autobiographical book on the same subject from the last decade. Created shortly after his father's passing,...

A touching tribute to one of the greatest figures in Sci-Fi history

By rdalton8162016880
Went to Hollywood premier at Egyptian Saturday. Full house. The bio/documentary is very well done, with interesting new material even for Trekkies. Interviews with nearly all the principal ST...

Feel Good and ENJOY!

By jb3movies
You do not need to agree that people should make Treks and not wars to thoroughly ENJOY this moving documentary! Adam Nimoy's tribute and celebration of his father's life and gifted career feels like...

A love letter

By actorrod
A love letter to both Spock and the actor behind him, Leonard Nimoy. A very moving tribute!...

For the Love of Spock

By michaeltaylor1329
Excellent! I was afraid it would be all crippled kids in pointed ears, but it was a fun look at a human father, son and phenomenon. Touching and very fun and learned things I didn't know....

Love the Mensch who was Spock

By kifsinger
I really recommend this documentary to not only Star Trek fans, but to any one who wants to see the incredible body of work that Leonard NImoy did as an actor. It also is a son's loving portrait of...

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What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Moving Nimoy docu has some language, other iffy stuff.
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